Sunday, May 22, 2016


I liked the trainer I went to meet yesterday. He and his assistant worked together really well, they enjoyed what they were doing, and they really seemed to like each individual horse. Maybe they haven't done it long enough to be jaded. Other trainers I've met don't seem to care much about the horse as an individual, they're just there to be trained.

That said, they may just be too far away. I thought they were an hour and a half from me, which is OK, just barely. But turned out their facebook page listed the wrong address, and they're about 2 hours away. I'd like to visit at least once a week, and that might not work for me.

When I got home I got both of the boys out. I rode Scout in the round pen while Duncan waited. We were working on neck reining and leg cues. I got pretty dizzy, but it was worth it. I guess my head is still healing.

Then I worked with Duncan while Scout waited. What a big fidget Scout was! He rubbed his head on the fence, chewed his lead, got turned around enough to stick his butt through the rails and itch on them. Eventually he settled and waited patiently.

Duncan got to work on a rope going over his back at a walk, lunging a slow, thoughtful figure 8 with kind of a rollback at each end, and stepping up to the mounting block. That was hard for him. He didn't want to give me access to the saddle area, but I spent a lot of time reassuring him, and eventually he stepped up and I laid over him and rubbed him all over. He's a good boy. But I kind of don't think he's ready to go off to a trainer yet.

Today the wind is blowing something fierce, so I may not do any horsework.
I sure wish he'd finish shedding.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

To do, or not to do

I'm going to go meet a trainer and check out his facilities today. I've watched his videos on facebook and what he does looks good. I don't like his price. $850 for a calendar month, which would work out to just 20 days of training. Not sure he can get enough done in that amount of time, but I'll ask him about that.

I also don't like the idea of sending him away for a month. :(

I'm thinking could start Duncan on my own, but it would be a slower process, and frankly I'd rather someone else take the risk. This guy isn't afraid to ride out a buck if necessary, whereas for me it would be a big deal. Not that I expect Duncan to blow up like that, but anything can happen.

Duncan has made so much progress so far. It seems like little stuff until I think back on where we started. He even stands still for fly spray without even being haltered.

He's much more relaxed about everything, really.
I don't want to lose that by sending him to a new place and different people I don't really know well.

In other news, both of the boys are going to get their dental work done on Monday. I can't wait. Duncan has really sharp points.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Good Boys

I got a short ride in yesterday. Even ponied Duncan just a little bit. It annoyed him. Scout annoyed me. He just isn't push-button enough to make it easy. But it went well, and then I turned Duncan out and Scout and I worked on a few things. I had to keep telling him, "Quit looking at me and pay attention!" Which made me laugh a bit. Couldn't think of a scenario where that would make sense, other than on a horse's back.

Later I saddled Duncan and we worked on transitions, seeing things go over his back to the other side, moving the saddle around, and hopping up and down with my foot in each stirrup. Also lateral flexion and body control. He's getting better all the time!

Here he's annoyed with me because I'm trying to keep him far enough away to get a picture. He just doesn't get "stay." But he's still handsome!

Monday, May 16, 2016


I totally forgot Duncan's birthday yesterday! I'll have to give him some treats today. He's 9 years old. That sounds so much older than 8. And I still can't ride him...

I did get the go-ahead from my doctor to ride Scout at a walk, with my helmet on of course. And I can take more risks with Duncan a week after all my head injury symptoms are gone. I think that may not be too far off. I hope my headache goes away this evening so I can indulge in some horseplay. :)

Sunday, May 15, 2016


Duncan is black, and there is nothing wrong with him genetically. Yay! Interesting to read through his results. I really thought he was gaited, and his breeder said all her horses are gaited so he should be. Genetically, he isn't. I guess we'll see for sure when I get him under saddle. Also, he is curious and vigilant. I had no idea there is a test for that. :) I bet Scout has two curious genes.

These are coming out blurry on my phone screen, but if you click on them they clear up.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Just Hanging in There

Feeling better every day.

The horses and Pedro are doing fine. Fat, though. I had to make some changes and now Bella will be joining Pedro in 24 hour drylot. The bys will be out on pasture half the time, instead of full time.

Other than that, not much to report. Still no DNA test results. It's been 3months. I guess going through the curly horse registry isn't a good idea if you really want your results soonish...

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Wanna bet?

Thanks for th kind comments about my poor head. I will get better. :)

On another note, wanna bet on what color my horse is? I still don't have the DNA results back, and I'm stumped.

Here's his lineage, with color in parentheses:

Note his mom is listed as a red dun but there's no dun in her background. I think those buckskins are actually dun. Here she is:

Oh my gosh I just found a baby pic of Duncan!

Here he is sometime later, with a different name and missing part of his ear:

They're not glamour shots, but here are pics from today:

 Notice how the tips of the hairs are dark, then they're goldish, and the summer coat is dark. And he's filthy. :)

He has been on a good daily vitamin mineral supplement for 6 months, so he shouldn't be deficient in copper, but he could be, and he definitely could have been when he grew his winter coat.

Not that it matters in the grand scheme of things, but I don't like not knowing, and since we'll know soon, it's fun to guess. What do you think? Faded black? Smokey black? Sooty dun or grulla? Really dark chestnut? Brown? I can't even commit to a guess.

Updated to add eye pics:

The lighter stripes in his eyes under his pupil are interesting.