Saturday, April 18, 2015

What a Wonderful Day!

The weather was absolutely perfect yesterday. I started the morning with Luc, trimming hooves and then playing with the saddle blanket again. He started out kind of weird and jittery, but in the end we had a wonderful, relaxed cuddle session.
My sister was able to get away for a while today, so we decided to go for a ride. She's had her boy out already this year, but this is the first time Scout and I have been able to go anywhere.
Of course I had to go all the way to the other side of the property to fetch him. I really need to train them to come in when I call, even if it isn't feeding time.
We had a lovely ride! Scout really is a good, good boy. Not perfect, of course, but maybe perfect would be boring.

Later in the evening I spent some quiet time with Luc. He wouldn't stop following me around after I turned him back out, so I took him out to graze. Bella joined us on the other side of the fence. No agenda, just being together. That was nice.
Oh, and he is staying in the one strand of temporary fence now. So they all have the run of most of the property on this side of the creek. I like having everyone together. Scout doesn't seem to be picking on Pedro either.

Today is going to be just as nice as yesterday, so more fun times to come!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Learning Through Play

I had this grand idea to throw a few things in the round pen and let the boys play with them so Luc can learn about the saddle blanket and jingly bits of tack. Bella would stand around and be the rock, unafraid of the new objects (and get her mane detangled and be monitored for vaccine reaction).

 It didn't go completely as planned because Scout hogged all the toys.

In the end I had to halter Luc and show him the old fashioned way, saying, "Hey, look at this really important thing, and don't be afraid." Which isn't nearly as fun as learning about it by himself.

It feels good to be doing some actual training again, rather than just letting him integrate into the routine and learn to be a domestic horse. I think this extra time to settle has been good for his emotional well-being, but we all have to go to school at some point. Soon we'll be swinging the saddle up.

I still have no plans to ride him this year. Note how little he is in the picture next to Scout. I hope he grows, but if he doesn't, he will at least mature.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Scout's Happy Birthday!

I almost forgot to mention it's Scout's birthday!

Just a bit ago he was 7 years old. Wow. He was an incredibly feisty little thing, and now he's such a lazy mountain of horse.

Seven years ago, at about 9: 33ish o'clock PM, listening to the baby monitor, I heard Bella's water break. She was breathing like a freight train. By the time I made it the hundred yards to the barn, Scout was in the world up to his hips and already trying to get up. In fear of his hind legs flailing inside his mother, I took hold of his legs and felt how terribly heavy and slick a little horse is. But then it was over, and a whole new adventure had begun.

It's been an interesting ride so far. He's had more than his fair share of troubles, and I think he inadvertently caused the death of his (and my) best friend, but he was only trying to help him get up. He may not always put a lot of energy into life, but he is fiercely loyal, trustworthy, predictable, funny, and a damn good horse. If only he'd get well so we can find an adventure to chase. (I think the antihistamine is helping.) I'm proud to say I'm his second mama, and I hope I always will be.

Happy birthday, ya big goob.

Oh how dearly do I hope that we have many, many laughs - and adventures - ahead.

Nice weather, sick Scout.

Scout started snotting and coughing again, darn it. I got him some antihistamines, which are apparently on and off backorder and rather expensive... Drug companies irritate me. But I won't go on about that.

So I went hiking yesterday rather than going on my first trail ride of the year. My sister took her horse.

This is where we started out.

A quick picture break.

We played a silly game with feed dishes. Scout was convinced there was food in them. It was funny watching him try to figure out how to he his nose into the bowl on his butt. He settled for checking the other horses' bowls and knocking them all down. Luc was a little scared at first, but I think being in a relaxed group with me laughing set his mind at ease.

Back yard flowers.

Enjoying a quiet evening snack with my horse. He still rejects my offers of apples. He doesn't believe they're food.

More backyard flowers. The plum trees are blooming. :)

Monday, March 30, 2015


Luc met the dentist yesterday. He was more afraid than I expected. She parked her truck and trailer right next to the gate and he wasn't sure he wanted to come out. But he did. And he was very curious about the trailer. He stepped right up onto the ramp to look things over. The vet led him into the trailer and he followed well, but I did have to stay at his shoulder to help him feel more secure. I really need to have him spend time with people other than me so these situations will be more comfortable for him. He did try to back out at one point, but by then the back gate on the stocks was closed. so it was a no-go.

His teeth were pretty disorderly.

The two retained top incisors had to go, and they didn't really want to. Also, the lower left center (your right) incisor was hanging on to its baby tooth, but it was flapping around with a very sharp point that dug a hole in his lip. Poor guy.

He had a loose wolf tooth and a blind wolf tooth, lying horizontal and unerupted. Of course those had to go too. I carefully saved all the teeth to show you, but then I accidentally flipped the all over a weedy spot outside, so you'll just have to imagine 5 bloody white things.

The only thing I found concerning was a weird gap in all four quadrants of his molars. Probably just another baby tooth thing, but it bears watching. They are trapping food and she had to irrigate to get a good look at what's going on. All of these little added procedures, plus a sheath cleaning and health certificate, made for an expensive visit. 

We went on from here to do dentals on 6 other horses. It was an interesting and rather tiring day. I work with her again on Wednesday. I really enjoy meeting horses and their people. I think I haven't helped her with this group of horses before, so it ought to be fun.

Monday, March 23, 2015

I am finally over my cold, I think. Even with being sick, I got some time in with the boys. Trimmed hooves on both Luc and Scout. I was so proud of Luc! He put his hind foot up on the hoof stand and stood patiently while I trimmed away, and then when I pulled it forward under his belly and put it on the hoof stand, it was no big deal! I was expecting him to knock it over. He is prettty cool. All this with nobody holding him, just a halter on in case I needed it.

Yesterday we took a walk around the property, following John and Scout. I think Luc was more relaxed when he didn't have a horse to follow, but I'm not sure. We went out and about in the neighbor's trees, then went into the big pasture with Bella and the donkeys. Luc hadn't been in with them in a couple days because he jumped the fence and got out. He is a challenge when it comes to fences. Most horses would stay in any fence as long as there is plenty of grass and all their friends are there. I guess he's an adventurer. Good thing he's easy to catch.

Anyway, Bella was so happy to see her boys she kept trying to incite a riot, galloping around and bucking. Pedro put Bob in the mustang pen, team-penning style, and then galloped back out to be with us. Eventually Bob trotted out to join us too. It's always so weird to se the donkeys moving fast.

Donkeys are more apt to reflect on things than to run.

We played in the pond a little too. Luc didn't march right in but he wasn't afraid to get his feet a little wet, as long as he could eat the pond weeds.

Oh, and we practiced trailer loading too. Luc has to get in the dental trailer next weekend. I don't think it will be a problem.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

I have a cold. I got sick of staying in bed, and I had to go get Scout anyway because he was picking on Pedro, so I saddled him up and we had a short ride in the front field.

This could almost be Tonka, with his rock star hair and just barely visible dun ear tips.

Everyone is in the big pasture together, and Luc is loving the extra space to run and explore.

They're sure hard to catch ;)

I should clarify, Scout is all by himself now because he was chasing the donkeys too much. I wish he wouldn't do that.