Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Things are moving on apace. (Haha, a SLOW pace.) Luc has been taking short walks in areas that aren't too stimulating. Then he lived with Bella in the electric fence and he stayed in! The fence shocked him and he didn't over-react, but I think it scared him a bit too much. He quit drinking, so I had to put him back in his little jail for a bit. I'll let Bella and Scout drain the trough and then I'll move it far away from the scary electric fence. I'm lucky he didn't colic.

I rode Scout for the first time since he broke his tail and he did great! Just a quick couple of turns around the pasture. I need to find time to start getting him tuned up for spring riding.

There's a lot of other stuff going on too, most of it not horse related. My husband's employer is "restructuring" and we're just kind of left hanging, waiting to see what happens. He will either be laid off, or he'll have to get another job (inside the company) in another area. I'm hoping for Bend, Oregon, but that's kind of a long shot.  Seattle or Portland are also options, but I would have to downsize on the equines if we lived in such an expensive area. There is the slim chance we won't have to move, but there really aren't enough positions here, it sounds like.

I've been doing a lot of walking & hiking, taking pictures along the way. I think it's helping my energy levels. I'm also being more careful about what I eat. Hoping to lose a substantial amount of weight and gain fitness before the riding season starts. I may hike more than I ride this year. I could sure use the exercise!

Monday, January 05, 2015

Lazy Winter

Huckleberry waiting.

Bob looks like a Muppet.

Pedro has a long face.

Huckleberry again.

Blue doesn't often hold still for pictures.






Oops, I almost forgot Winston.

I think that's everyone except the cats.

All is well here, if a bit low-key thanks to short days and weather. Yesterday we had a good 5 inches of snow and today it's pouring rain. Slush and lots of mud to come. Gross. But the days are getting longer!