Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Some more happy Christmas photos for you.  We had a lovely day with presents, laziness, sledding, dinner, a little cleanup, more laziness, and now, well, probably more laziness.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

 We finally got enough snow to make it pretty out.  The dogs loved it.

I tried really hard to get a picture of Bob with his ears up.

No luck there.

Pedro says "Move your ass." (To Bob, not me)

"Hey, lady.  I'm much cuter than that old guy."

The sun seems to love Pedro almost like it loved Tonka.

Baby Blue

Huck, looking kinda cross-eyed.

Scout, dignified as ever (not) and his mama hanging back.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

 Today the sun made an appearance, and I was home to enjoy it.  Pedro, above, is photogenic as always.  Bob, below, was sweet and cuddly.
 I don't take enough photos of Bob.  He doesn't pose for a photo like Pedro does.  He's old and tired.

The dogs went mouse hunting up the hill and came running when I called.

My mama's boy, Blue:

And happy Huckleberry:

 They're a little camera shy when they know what I'm up to.

Pedro is still lame.  He is improving but I wouldn't want to take him for a walk.  Bob doesn't like to leave Pedro and Pedro runs around when I take Bob out, which would probably make him more sore, so I haven't taken either of them out for a walk.

What about the mustangs?  They're there.  I spent a little time with them today, grooming them with my hands and checking to see if they had any itchy spots they wanted scratched.  Scout tested my authority by trying to bite my nose, and Bella would have been happier just to stand around together, without all the touching.  They could both use some more focused work, but for now Scout got smacked and Bella got rubbed all around and then I went to see the donkeys, who I knew were waiting for me and would be happy to see me.

A fellow donkey-lover turned me on to this neat website: http://www.thehorseagilityclub.com/ where you don't have to ride to have fun with your equines.  When I can afford it and Pedro is a little less lame, I'll join and maybe send in a video to be judged.  It'll be fun to have some goals to do on the ground, and it will only help my horsemanship (or should that be donkeyladyship?) and make for a better under saddle relationship. 

I'm off to mop the floors!  Hooray!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

 This past week has been busy.  The kids each had performances in Moscow, and then John and Katia had a community band performance.  Then on Sunday I had an employee party.  On the way there, Liam said from the back seat, "We've been partying since, like, Thursday."  He makes it sound so much more exciting than it really is!

I've been busy-ish this week too.  I spent a lot of time looking for new shoes.  This new job is killing my feet.  I wanted some Keens or maybe Danskos but for some reason our local dealer was almost sold out.  Nothing in my size.  So today I went digging in my old shoes and put on a pair of old Doctor Martens to get me through another day of shoe shopping.  I thought, heck, why not get a new pair of Docs?  I put many a mile on my old Doc boots in the French Quarter back in the day.  Granted, I still got footsore and I was a lot younger...  So I tried on a lot of other shoes first, then went to the men's section to find the Docs.  They have a new style that has super soft soles.  The salesman guy said that means they wear out faster, but he wears them and recommends them.   So far I love them!

Back on the subject of equines, today was donkey pedicure day.  They were both very well behaved and it was a minor trim.  Not much to take off.  I love how slowly hooves grow in winter.  

I'm now pretty sure that Pedro has active laminitis.  All that free time on the pasture wasn't good for him.  He's still pretty ouchy so I'm making some feed changes and going to try giving him Bute to help with the inflammation.  Dang it all.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Today wasn't a work day but I worked my butt off.  And I'm still not done, darn it.  But I'm close to being done enough to quit for the day.

I had to figure a way to get Pedro off the pasture without leaving him living in a mud pit.  Figured it out, but would have to move them to the barn area and horses to the pasture the donkeys had been in.  That sounds WAY easier than it is.  Have to move all their stuff too.  Lots of trips back and forth.  It was also hay moving day and trough filling day, and I got some things put under cover and some things put away for the winter.  Just busy all around.  Definitely wasn't bored.

I got a rabies vaccine reminder in the mail today too.  It made me realize that my work schedule keeps me from taking the dogs into my old work (they're only open 2 days a week), but my new work costs at least twice as much.  I guess I get discounts on things but not on services.  Basically anything the vet has to do is full price.  Crappy.  Might as well take them in to my regular vet.  I haven't seen them in a while *knock on wood*, so it might be fun to go in and visit.

Well, back to work I go.  I still have hoses to drain, chickens to feed, and a stall to muck.  Oh, and dinner to make.  Deer sausage.  I haven't had deer since I was a kid.  It scares me a bit...  Seems like a parasite risk.  I will be cooking it very well!

Monday, December 03, 2012

I came so close to bringing home a new horse today.  It's a very sad situation - a woman is dying of cancer and has 8 horses.  Her friend is trying to help find homes for two of them so the woman's husband isn't left to care for them all while he's grieving. 

I went to look at a gelding and ended up absolutely falling in love with a three year old filly.  I could definitely see her being my next special horse.  Absolutely beautiful appaloosa (supposedly a domestic born mustang but she seemed too refined)  - kind of a silver chestnut with spots all over, and well put together, and sweet and sensible.  I was about to say I'd pick her up tomorrow but then I noticed a bump on her back.  She was flinchy and sensitive when I pressed on it.  The vet thinks it's just scar tissue from an old scrape and won't cause trouble with riding, and I wanted to believe that, but then why would her skin crawl and twitch when I pressed on it?  I hated to say I couldn't take her, but I couldn't.  Bummer.  What kills me is, what if the vet is right?  Or even if she just needs a chiropractor or some body work and she'd be fine?  But it's too much of a gamble, and I already have 3 equines here that I can't take on a trail ride at this point.  Sucks.  If I had extra money lying around I'd take her anyway to do the lady a favor, and treat any problems she might have.  But I don't and I can't.

When I got home Pedro was standing at the gate staring at me, as if to say he's the only equine I'll ever need.  Maybe he's right.  I kind of like the idea of just going hiking with the donkeys, and having them carry me on occasion after Pedro's hooves grow out. And I always have Scout, who does need some riding. 

So, things are the same here...