Tuesday, December 11, 2012

 This past week has been busy.  The kids each had performances in Moscow, and then John and Katia had a community band performance.  Then on Sunday I had an employee party.  On the way there, Liam said from the back seat, "We've been partying since, like, Thursday."  He makes it sound so much more exciting than it really is!

I've been busy-ish this week too.  I spent a lot of time looking for new shoes.  This new job is killing my feet.  I wanted some Keens or maybe Danskos but for some reason our local dealer was almost sold out.  Nothing in my size.  So today I went digging in my old shoes and put on a pair of old Doctor Martens to get me through another day of shoe shopping.  I thought, heck, why not get a new pair of Docs?  I put many a mile on my old Doc boots in the French Quarter back in the day.  Granted, I still got footsore and I was a lot younger...  So I tried on a lot of other shoes first, then went to the men's section to find the Docs.  They have a new style that has super soft soles.  The salesman guy said that means they wear out faster, but he wears them and recommends them.   So far I love them!

Back on the subject of equines, today was donkey pedicure day.  They were both very well behaved and it was a minor trim.  Not much to take off.  I love how slowly hooves grow in winter.  

I'm now pretty sure that Pedro has active laminitis.  All that free time on the pasture wasn't good for him.  He's still pretty ouchy so I'm making some feed changes and going to try giving him Bute to help with the inflammation.  Dang it all.

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