Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Today was a good day. Why? Because I hooked up the hoses and turned the water on and it came out the other end! Oh lovely day.

We also made a quick dash up to Spokane to get the kids from my mom's. Glad we made it back during daylight. The roads were fine most of the way, but would have been icy if we got back too late. The only bad roads were within about 20 miles of Spokane, and they were really bad in Browne's Addition and downtown. I felt bad for all the pedestrians trying to make their way on frozen ground, most of them obviously unable to afford warm snow boots with good traction, and the sidewalks were blocked so a lot of people were walking right next to traffic. I couldn't help imagining someone falling under my tires. I was very careful though. I think it would be great if someone would donate a bunch of those traction cleat/chain things for shoes to a the elderly and homeless. And warm socks. Downtown Spokane makes me sad sometimes.

On the way back we saw a wheat field full of snowballs that the wind had rolled up. (You can see some pictures on Lea's blog that she took of these kind of snowballs at her house.) I pointed them out to the kids and Liam said, "That's where they grow snowballs!" I'm not sure if he was making a joke, making up a story, or being serious. But it was funny! So from then on we kept pointing out the snowball farms when we saw them.

Hmm. I know I should write something interesting about the horses... I did a very brief trim on Bella's front feet tonight. She didn't want to cooperate. Hoof work still makes her very nervous, but even more so than usual tonight. But I got a bit done, then realized it was really hard to check my work in the dark on uneven ice, so I picked up and checked her back feet and called it good. As I waited for the second trough to fill I checked Cisco's back feet. They are beautifully concave. Heels a bit long. He's a little kicky back there, which is why I haven't trimmed his hind feet yet. I'd like John to hold him but we never have time when the weather is decent. In the mean time I need to make more of an effort to get him used to having his feet picked up. It would only take a couple minutes at each feeding. With all Tonka's needs I've been lazy about doing anything else at feeding time.

I'm getting antsy to start working with my horses again! And I'm not sure I even want to take them out, the driveway is so scary icy. Last year I fell down right in front of Tonka while I was leading him. He looked very surprised. If I did that to Bella it would probably scare her. I could probably take them out in the pasture and have decent footing. Just not real handy for tacking up. A little naked groundwork never hurt anyone though. (Naked horse, that is.) But no... They're calling for more insane winds and a few inches of snow tomorrow. I doubt I'll be out playing in that. Wish I'd been able to stay home and play today, the weather was actually pretty nice. Oh well. My day will come.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

I found a saddle! Woo hoo! I can't tell you how excited I am! It isn't a McCall, or a gorgeous hand made wade, but it's one of the others on my list of wants. A Circle Y Flagstaff. Flex tree, which I'm hoping will be the answer for Tonka. It's used, but only ridden about 10 times. I can't wait to ride in it! It'll be a while before it gets here though.

I gave Tonka his shot all by my lonesome today. I was proud of me. He wiggled a little more than usual, looking for the treats I had to give between steps in shot-giving, but it went just fine. The abscess is doing even better. I'm not getting much blood at all on the compress, and I can barely feel the thickened spot that is the abscess. Awesome.

We got to go to town today. I really expected to get stuck in the deep slush on the driveway. It was at least a foot of snow on up to two feet in the drifted areas, but then the temperature rose and it rained a lot, so it was a slippery mess. But we punched on through and I got my feed and groceries. Neither was so low as to consider an emergency, but it was nice to get out.

As the sun was setting we did a little fence work. We had lots of help from nosy horses, except for Cisco and Bella. He was busy eating and Bella is a bit shy lately. Cisco is hard on the fence between him and the other horses. We're lucky he hasn't hurt himself yet. It's made of t-posts (capped) with cattle panels. He bent the crap out of the top of one panel, looks like he went partially over the top somehow, and then he popped the panels right off the posts in another spot. New item on my list of things to do when the ground thaws - replace that stretch of fence. For now we stretched electric tape along it with step-in posts. The one thing that makes me happy for the thaw was the ability to get those posts put in. The fence is so wiggly wobbly that we couldn't put the electric tape on it or it would touch metal in some places. I think this will keep his nasty posturing and kicking at a distance until we can do something different.

I'm off to go drool over pictures of my saddle some more. :)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

It's been a long day already. Well, just part of it. It took me 2 hours to move 6 bales of hay... Got the truck stuck in snow that was deeper than the undercarriage. Went back, got the shovel, dug it out. This is the kind of snow that sticks to your shovel, so you end up lifting the same snow over and over again. But I did manage to get unstuck, then went back and got the toboggan and moved individual bales to the truck that way. It wasn't so hard once I'd moved the first 3 bales and the trail was compacted.

I gave Tonka his shot today! John usually does shots. I had a bad experience with the one shot I ever tried to give (bent needle, freaked out horse, not fun) so I just let John do it after that. He's pretty darn good at it. But he left last night to go snowboarding today, so I was on my own. My mom fed Tonka treats while I did the shots, so really I wasn't totally on my own. It went just fine. Easy as pie.

Since I don't have much else to write about, I'll do a some video reviews. I've now rented 6 videos from Horseflix. Besides a LONG shipping time in between videos, I'm happy with it.

Pete Ramey's Under the Horse series - it's fabulous, watch it! I've only watched disk one so far, but it's just as good as his clinic was, if not better because you can watch on your own time and go back and look again. Only thing you can't do is ask questions, but he's very thorough.

Frank Bell, Discover the Horse You Never Knew - He's a little odd. His idea of bonding is really weird to me. Sticking fingers in ears and mouth, rubbing eyes, basically all things I'd consider the most annoying things you can do to a horse. But after that it's a good pre-ride checklist, so that you know your horse's mood and have some tools to control them should they get over excited. Pressure and release, sacking out, one rein stop, disengaging the hindquarters, etc.

Parelli Patterns Disk One, On Line - I watched this while very distracted, but it seemed like a pretty basic groundwork/lunging how-to. Had some interesting tasks like serpentining through barrels. Would be fun to try if the weather was nice and I had a rope that long. His catch phrases irritate me. But I can get past that. I think these are good bonding and foundation laying exercises, but not something one should get stuck doing over and over forever as I see a lot of Parelli followers doing.

Movement Awareness for Riders with Eckart Meyners - Weird stuff. Has some good stretches and exercises. A good concept, but it's odd, almost pornographic, the way the guy sits there and watches these people do weird movements and stretches. I think if you were willing to put the time in to do this though, it could very well help your riding by making you more limber and more aware of tension and misuse of your body.

Western Saddles, How to fit: Pain-Free - This was a good beginner course in saddle fit. Quite basic, but good information.

That's it so far... I'm going to go get cleaned up and sit and watch the second Pete Ramey disk now.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Well, this is all gone now.

Actually, it EXPLODED all over my house. I still haven't cleaned up. The mess is very intimidating. I'd share a picture but I'd be embarassed.

The kids were THRILLED with their Christmas. I got some pictures, but you know, Christmas morning bedhead pictures are never very flattering. I'll keep them for myself to enjoy.

India stole my flingshot chicken. She loves toys that make noise, and she hasn't had one in years. We had another dog that would rip them up, so we quit buying them, and I forgot how much she loved them until yesterday. She packed that thing around and made it squawk for hours.

Angus took over the middle of the living room. I've dubbed him "Wedgie" because he likes to put his big ol' body right in the middle of things.

Speaking of Christmas Morning Bedhead
The freezing fog is not doing good things for Bella's mane. Poor girl.

Tonka's abscess has made HUGE progress the last few days. It's just a flat little lump now. No more pus, just some blood when I do the compress. Can't flush it anymore, there's no space to poke the syringe in. Very exciting.

Everyone got their dewormer today since it's warm and balmy in the 20's and not currently snowing. They didn't love me for it. It was time for Quest Plus and that stuff is NASTY. Bella wouldn't even take a treat from me afterward. Cisco just got apple flavored ivermectin since I don't know if they wormed him much before. He was offended and tried to decline, but he wasn't too bad about it. Then I trimmed 4 hooves and now I'm sitting on my butt trying to think of an excuse not to clean the house. I'm serious, this mess is so bad it's scary!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Hope you're all having a warm and happy holiday!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

You know what I think is a beautiful thing? Pumping water into one end of a hose and having it come out the other end. I had a little trouble with that today. And coiling up frozen, stiff, slippery hoses is hard. Taking them in to the bathtub is a sloppy business. What really wears me out is all the trudging back and forth through deep snow wearing 20 pounds of extra clothing to get another hose, drag it out, trudge, try it, trudge, cuss it, trudge, try another, trudge, notice a kink, trudge, go back and hook that one up again, cuss that one too, trudge, unhook them all, trudge, drag them to where I can drain them so any that aren't frozen won't become frozen. Trudge, trudge, trudge. Coil them up, cuss them some more, take them in to the bathtub. Strip out of 30 pounds of thermal wear. Feel the liberation. Wait a while and go out and do it all again, but this time not so bad because the hoses are thawed. I'm sure most of you have been through this before. Joy. Next year I AM putting in water lines out to the horses.

This is what i was doing while the hoses thawed:
Those are my great-grandma Lena's gingersnaps.
I ate enough to make up for the extra energy expended today.

I saw this picture and thought, "Who was playing with my camera?"
Then I remembered it was me.

Here you can see ripples in the snow from the high winds the night before. (Waving vertically in the picture, not the messy snow in the foreground from the snowblower). Very pretty. But I hate wind in the winter time.
Here's Cisco moving Scout around:

Last night I thought I was going to die, it was so cold when I was out feeding and flushing Tonka's abscess. My gloves weren't cutting it, especially considering I had to take them off to do the flushing. It was about 7 below and the horses were white with frost. Tonight it seemed balmy and warm, I was out for about an hour messing around with the horses while the trough filled and I was totally comfortable, at about 15 degrees.

Oh, today I started Soxy and Cisco on a product called Remission. It's for foundered horses, to increase circulation in the hooves and speed up healing, but it also helps regulate insulin and blood glucose levels, and it may help break down fatty deposits in horses with metabolic problems. Maybe we can get rid of Cisco's crest and the fatty pads on Soxy's sides. And avoid a possible future founder episode. I'll take pictures of them tomorrow so I can keep a photo log of whether or not it seems to make a difference.

Happy Christmas Eve Eve to you!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

My trip to town today.
(I got my snow driving wheels now...akin to sea legs...
seems like every year I have to get used to it all over again.)

First we had to walk up the driveway to the car.
We parked it up there before the last big storm in case we couldnt' get it out.
The truck is in the shop. Brake problem.

We caught some lazy horses soaking up the sun:

Saw lots of kitty prints in the snow.
Here's a deer trail coming through from the neighbor's place.
Right near where I found the dead buck.

A glorious hawthorn. I love this picture.
The palouse hills give way to forested mountains round about here.
Bare spots are farmground.

The surface on the highway was mostly bare. Very nice.
More Palouse hills in the background.

This is a very pretty spot. I pulled over to take this picture.

We went to several stores and I got my Christmas shopping finished.
There's more I'd like to buy, but you know, that money thing...
Oh, actually I do need to buy some Idaho Spuds.
I can get John to do that though.

We're supposed to get 4-11 inches of new snow tonight & tomorrow.
I'm okay with that, as long as I can get in to get more Naxcel for Tonka.

This was prettier in person - driving home in the evening.

I forgot to ask earlier today -
What are your preferences in a saddle and why?
Tonka really didn't like his shot this morning. He grunted and jumped abruptly to the side. I wasn't quite ready so it startled me too. Then I started shoving treats into his mouth and he relaxed. He also doesn't like the flushing. I think it's more that he doesn't want to stand still than because of pain.

I have to tell you a tale of woe from yesterday. I bid on a saddle on eBay. It was a McCall, and it was in my price range, which is shocking. I'm talking under $500. I lost it at the very last second, as I was trying to bid more. (Funny how I always decide I'm willing to bid more right at the last minute.) Lost it by just $5. I was broken hearted. I even dreamed about it most of the night last night. It just wouldn't leave me. I'm feeling better about it now but I want a saddle! Badly!

I thought I'd type out the characteristics of my dream saddle, to get my mind straight about what I want.
  • Decent quality saddle, not one of those cheap Mexican things
  • It has to fit Tonka (narrow, skirts not too long)
  • 16" seat (no bigger, but maybe smaller would be fine)
  • Flat seat (or at least somewhat flat, which is suprisingly hard to find)
  • Center-hung stirrups that swing freely.
  • In tree rigging
  • Low horn
  • Narrow twist
  • Not a super high cantle
  • Not over 35 lbs
  • Not too much tooling (none would be great)
  • Not too much silver (but conchos would be nice)
  • Must have saddle strings or be set up to easily attach them

See, I'm not all that hard to please. A lot of these things I'd even give up for the right saddle. Now, if we were talking ANY saddle in the world I could have, I'd have one custom made that was real pretty and everything I wanted. But I'm being realistic. I'll find one eventually. It's not like there's an urgent need, I haven't been riding anyway. Too cold. I'm just feeling a little sad since I didn't get that saddle yesterday.

Friday, December 19, 2008

The view out my front door this afternoon:

So my vet must have been out of date on what this antibiotic costs. It's $85 every two days unless they billed me wrong. I'm definitely going to ask why the difference in price! The bill just for today was almost $300. The things we do for horses...

On a good note, when John picked up the meds he made a comment to the vet tech that he thought Tonka was worth the expense, and she just gushed over how good he was today when they were here. Awesome. I'm going to get a swelled head about my great horses. :) Unfortunately it's usually vets who get to see how good they are...

Tonka was NOT happy with his new treatments tonight. He kept wiggling while we did the compress. It didn't help that I forgot to get some treats to give him. Going to have to do better tomorrow.

A little springtime cheer here:

Little Scout used to put his whole heart and soul into running around the pasture, trying out those long legs. He was two weeks old there and it was the day before his eye injury. I sure hope that little guy turns out to be worth the expense too... He was so cute. I miss his cuteness. But he's still a darn good looking little horse.
The vet has come and gone. Tonka was such a good boy. I had a good talk with his assistant about mustangs in general and she said she thought all of ours were well-behaved and pretty too. Love that! Then Steve dug around in there with his forceps, at least an inch in, poking and prodding, grabbing stuff, and Tonka just let him. He pulled his head up in pain once, but I'd say that's still within the bounds of good behavior. What a boy. I was glad they didn't have to sedate him. Then he flushed it with iodine, which I must shamefacedly and guiltily admit I haven't been doing, because I didn't think there was an opening big enough. There is. Some gross stuff came out.

The new treatment calls for warm compresses, flushing, and Naxcel shots 2x daily. Maybe for a month. I was thinking, "Okay, that's fine, a lot of work but it's not much more than I have been doing." Then Steve said it's going to be expensive. Okay, well, I'd heard Naxcel was expensive. Then he dropped the bomb. $70 every two days! For a month? But then he said we would be able to back down to once a day when the wound starts to respond. That's a little better... My first thought was that John was going to have a stroke. But you know what? When I called him John just said, "He's worth it." I love my husband!

I got a better idea of why this isn't something we want to have to do surgery on. There are salivary glands, nerves, veins, all kinds of stuff in that area. Besides the fact that surgery is even more expensive than the treatment we've done so far.

He's seen a cheat grass infection like this that migrated all the way down the side of a hunting dog from shoulder to hip and the whole thing had to be surgically removed. He's also dealt with this in his own horse, and he said it took a long time to clear up.

Well, at least this one hasn't spread yet. I feel so damn guilty for not flushing it all this time!

Oh, and it most likely was caused by cheat grass. It seems to have migrated down from underneath the tongue. I can guarantee you I'm going to be more careful about my hay and I'll be checking my fields very carefully next year and spraying any cheat.

Oh, and he did make me feel better about the safety of the antibiotics. I mentioned my sister's horse with kidney failure and he said, "Was it Genticin?" Well, yes, actually now that he mentions it, it was. I had forgotten. He said that can happen with Genticin if they don't stay hydrated. This antibiotic is supposed to be much safer.

John just called, the truck's brakes are acting funny. What a day...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

SNOW DAY! Yay! I haven't been outside yet, so I'll just share some stuff from last weekend.

Here's Katia coming down the second half of the hill. She can't seem to come down the whole way without crashing, so she's always doing it in two stages.

And then Liam, who looks like a baby sea turtle racing to the ocean. He lost his gloves so he's wearing my mom's, which gave him great big flippers.

John's ambition is to make it all the way to the porta-potty.
(It's the tiny green thing at the end of the sled run there.)

I think it's impossible, you'd have to turn at the end in the right place to go over the driveway and not into the ditch. But he is good at steering, so if we get some fast snow, you never know... I just hope he doesn't knock it over.

Doesn't this look like the happiest kid in the world?

I'm not sure how much snow we have today, but it must be a lot. I think we had a lot yesterday afternoon. The little school bus got stuck in a ditch yesterday. That happens a lot here... Luckily there are a lot of people with tractors to pull them out.

My mom said they have aboout 18 inches where she lives in Spokane. It broke all records for snowfall in Spokane yesterday. Some people up that way have as much as 3 feet.

You know what I'm thankful for?
John's out snowblowing right now.

Oh yeah, horses, this blog is about horses...

The horses are fine. I little icicly but it doesn't seem to bother them too much. They spend most of their time outside in the gross weather. Scout, Bella, and Tonka even laid down in the snow for a nap in the middle of the storm yesterday.

The worst part of this weather for them is having to walk on the stuff that was churned up mud but is now hard bumpy frozen mud. I have a heck of a time walking on it, and I have boots. Luckily they can go out in the pasture to get away from it.

The vet is coming to check out Tonka's abscess tomorrow. He wasn't supposed to be back from vacation until today, so when he called me yesterday I was surprised. I wish I could haul Tonka in and save the farm call charge, but there's no way I'm trying to get the trailer up the driveway in this snow.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I have a winner for giveaway number three! The winner is Duckie!
What does she win, you ask?
A set of rein connectors I made. That's the best name I can think up to call them without stealing a term from a famous trainer. (Rein rope not included, it's useless anyway, only a couple feet long.)

I like them because they're easier to switch back and forth than slobber straps are and they don't clank against the bit like a metal snap. Also, when you use them as a lead rope snap, if your horse pulls back, there's no dangerous broken metal projectile to fly and hurt someone. They're also lighter weight than a metal snap, which comes in handy sometimes. In vertical flexion I sometimes found myself accidentally hitting my horse with the snap when I released tension on the lead rope. Kind of an annoying release...

Here's a picture of them in use on Tonka:
(Click if you want to enlarge)

Duckie, send me your mailing address and I'll get them to you.
andreav at turbonet dot com

Thank you all for your thoughts on warm winter wear!

These guys don't need no stinkin' long underwear:

Scout's sticking out his tongue!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Giveaway number three commences!
After some random ramblings and pictures.

The old barn didn't fall down after the first snow:

We had a lot of birdie visitors today. I love the sky here:

Finnegan acting rather strange. I think he's been eating too many little birdies.

This was the bravest of the birds eating seeds in the barn.
Brave, or catfood? It's a fine line, I suspect...

Here's Tonka's frozen stiff halter. This reminded me of when I was a kid. My grandma had this dog leash that had a wire in the middle, with a dog collar dangling from the end. We used to love walking our invisible dog. Now I have an invisible horse.

Tonka's soaking spot. He thinks gremlins lurk behind him.
(And when my son is around, they do...)

I've been having a bit of a problem with my gloves. My fleece lined goatskin gloves were far too cold, and my ski gloves were so bulky I was constantly taking them off so I could work, then my fingers would get wet and stick to anything metal. I was going to ask you all how you dress your hands for work in the cold. Then today I found some that are working GREAT so far. Tonight I wore them for over a half hour in 5 degree weather and my fingers didn't get frigid. And I didn't have to take them off to open gates, dose my horse, put his halter on, tie him up, etc.

This is where our hobbit friends live.
Well, really it's only inhabited by wasps in the summertime... Creepy story about this building - One day when I was out in the field below the the front door of "the igloo" I was convinced there was something in the doorway staring down at me. A coyote? Something... I couldn't tell what, but it was definitely watching me. My hair was standing on end, I was heading toward the cusp of decision, "fight or flight?" It's a long ways back to the house, nowhere to hide. Then I kept slowly walking, trying not to alarm the thing, and I realized it was just light coming through the door from the back window. I was laughing with relief, feeling kinda stupid, all full of adrenaline for nothing.

Okay, for giveaway number three the prize will be something horse related that is made by me, but it's not a halter. To enter leave me a comment. I'd love to hear what kind of gloves you wear to work around the farm when it's frigidly (is that a word?) cold out. I was thinking of buying some of those silk glove liners before I found these gloves today. Have any of you tried them? Do they add warmth? I'm confused about silk and whether it's supposed to be warm or just wick away moisture. Oh, and if you wear a "base layer" (I've been told that's the new term for long johns or long underwear) do you prefer polypropylene or silk or something else, and why?

Saturday, December 13, 2008

And the winner of giveaway number two is Jessie! Her prize will be an old Dutton bit. Specifically a "High-Wide Correction with Copper Rollers Bit" as it is currently listed for sale on NRS. But this one is used and more suitable for display than use. I think it would look cool mounted on an old barnwood picture frame. My mom thought it might be neat to string a wire between the bottom rings and some letters spelling "Howdy" or something like that. Or it could be heated and bent back into shape and used. Jessie, send me your address. My email is andreav at turbonet dot com.

The new ones look a little prettier and currently sell for $70:

And now, to share our first snow of the year with you. Rather late for a first snow, but it's a good one!

Wee Scout should be in a Budweiser commercial.

Sharing mama's hay.

More of those two. They were more willing to pose for the camera than the other horses. Tonka was all about eating and Soxy was afraid of the snowblower.

I thought this was a neat picture our drummer and the old woodshed:
The drummer is the only "sculpture" we kept on the place. Some of the others were creepy, with threatening pitchfork hands and such. Or just a weird waste of space in some cases. The woodshed needs to come down and be rebuilt, but bigger. That may be our big project next summer. When this place was Meadowbrook Farm, 60+ years ago, they used to keep pigs in a corral at the end there.

Friday, December 12, 2008

So far the "big storm" has been rather anti-climactic. But I'm not complaining. Not one bit. It's supposed to get worse later. I'm ready though, and the horses got a lot of extra hay tonight to keep them warm.

I had to make an afternoon dash into town to do a bunch of things, most important of which was picking up my bottle of SMZ's (antibiotics) for Tonka. I walked into the vet when the snow was really starting to come down and the roads were getting slick. I was itching to get home before it got really bad. The receptionist said, "Oh, I'm not sure that came in yet." But it had, thank goodness. I wasn't wanting to spend any extra time in town waiting on it.

Tonight I found myself praising my horse in a very strange way. "Oooh, great pus buddy!" I have been seeing blood but not pus when I do his compresses. It is still draining, but hasn't seemed to have gotten any smaller for a while now. I hope my vet is back from vacation on Monday so we can talk about options. I wonder if they can cut it open so I can get in there and flush it out to help it heal faster.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

"Going out at night." It no longer means going dancing, out to dinner, on a date, to a concert. No glittery dresses or even makeup. This is what it means:
I was very warm.
Except for my toes
And the end of my nose.
Also my left thumb.

I double-dog-dare you to post a pic on your blog of yourself on the way out to feed. Even if you're wearing your PJ's. I bet you look better than I do.
Da Boyz:
I realized I better hold my breath so ghostly images wouldn't appear.
Isn't Cisco cute? He was a very good boy.
Unfortunately Levi was tying up and my sister left in tears. I think she's going to have to retire him.

The Northwest Extreme Mustang Makeover has started! I was going to wait to post this when I had more blog addresses to share, but apparently not many of the trainers are blogging. If you find any of their blogs let me know.

Tracey, Tonka's almost-adopter, is blogging at Mustang Diaries.

Kevin, from the Portland area, is blogging at Mustang Gentling.

Keith Danielson is doing it again, and his website is http://hoopercrossingranch.com/, but he's not blogging this time as far as I can tell.

Now, not to confuse you, but there is another new adopter that is blogging about her boy, but she is not doing the makeover. Her fella is from Tonkas HMA and he has Tonka's almost-name, Coyote. Actually, his full name is Coyote Bay. Good name, huh? He's going to be a dressage horse. Her blog is here: Mustang Dressage.

Today, in about an hour, we're headed out to ride at the arena, John and I and Cisco and Tonka. Although it's not a bad morning, it might be fun to ride here, and it doesn't cost anything either... I might have to ponder that some more. Then a quick dash to Spokane and back to get some furniture that my mom is giving to Katia. Sometime during the day either John or I needs to go to the grocery store, we have a huge storm coming and I want to make sure we don't run out of anything. Luckily we have a huge Costco thing of TP, so we won't have to worry about that. That's one modern convenience I'd hate to have to do without.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Giveaway number two! Just leave a comment here telling me about your favorite bit. Horse bit, that is. Unless you don't have horses, then tell me something else. Like your favorite healthy lunch. I could use some healthy lunch ideas. Or just tell me how gross the rest of the post is if you like. The prize this time is horse related, but that's all I'm going to tell you.

Well, my morning has been rather interesting. I think I'm sick again. I've been weak and shaky and breathless all morning. Which I wouldn't whine about, but this bug also comes with indecisiveness apparently. What was I indecisive about? (Grossness ahead - warning for the queasy. Be glad I didn't take a picture!) What the heck to do with a dead deer I found right next to the horse fence! He's not small, this deer. Looked rather heavy, bloated as he was. I don't know why the poor thing died. He wasn't stuck in the neighbor's barbed wire fence, which was what I assumed when I first saw him there with his legs in the air. His side was leaking a little blood, but I don't think it was a gunshot, I think he was just getting leaky from being bloated. Maybe he caught his foot as he was jumping the fence and broke his neck. Whatever it was, I hope it was quick. Poor thing.

After sitting around in the house being indecisive for about an hour (and waiting for the vet to call back about a refill for Tonka's antibiotics) I decided the vet would have to just leave a message and went out to take care of business. I wrapped a rope around his leg and dragged him to the driveway. He was surprisingly not all that hard to move. Then I wrapped the rope around my hitch and dragged him away to another part of the property for the coyotes to enjoy. I hope they eat him up quickly. He's kind of smelly.

The horses seemed rather alarmed when I dragged him past them. I hope they know I wouldn't do that to them.

Now I have a big trail of hair all down my driveway. Gross. At least it's not flesh. I don't think I could have handled that.

Gotta love country life!

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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Sorry, I didn't mean to worry anyone. It was exciting when I turned everyone out together, but no major injuries. I'm sure they're sore though. Bella and Cisco went at it at least four times. I was pretty sure that would happen. They're just going to have to work it out. It was hard to watch though. I kept picturing broken legs, gashes, and hematomas. Nothing of that sort, praise be.

I turned off the camera in the middle of this one, had to check to make sure Cisco was okay. Apparently I can't take video and look at the same time. Check out Tonka's nifty evasive maneuver in the second one. And it's interesting to watch how the herd moves, who goes where and does what. (You probably want to turn off your volume. My dog loves to bark when the horses are acting up.)

Seems to me, watching how these battles played out, Bella went in and started it, then was first to leave. Cisco didn't seem to be the direct instigator but was quite happy to put the smackdown on her. He got along fine with the others. Tonka was told to back off a bit but they did share some hay. Scout and Cisco seem to be good buddies. Soxy and Cisco have been living together so they're fine. You can see she's trying to stay out of the way, poor old girl.

I was going to load another short video and some pictures, but I think I'll save them for tomorrow. I'd imagine these picture and video-heavy posts load slowly for people with slower connections.

But I will leave you with a picture that shows Tonka didn't manage to stay completely out of the way.

Plenty of excitement today! I'll write more later. So far no broken bones or anything...