Friday, December 19, 2008

The view out my front door this afternoon:

So my vet must have been out of date on what this antibiotic costs. It's $85 every two days unless they billed me wrong. I'm definitely going to ask why the difference in price! The bill just for today was almost $300. The things we do for horses...

On a good note, when John picked up the meds he made a comment to the vet tech that he thought Tonka was worth the expense, and she just gushed over how good he was today when they were here. Awesome. I'm going to get a swelled head about my great horses. :) Unfortunately it's usually vets who get to see how good they are...

Tonka was NOT happy with his new treatments tonight. He kept wiggling while we did the compress. It didn't help that I forgot to get some treats to give him. Going to have to do better tomorrow.

A little springtime cheer here:

Little Scout used to put his whole heart and soul into running around the pasture, trying out those long legs. He was two weeks old there and it was the day before his eye injury. I sure hope that little guy turns out to be worth the expense too... He was so cute. I miss his cuteness. But he's still a darn good looking little horse.

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