Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tonka really didn't like his shot this morning. He grunted and jumped abruptly to the side. I wasn't quite ready so it startled me too. Then I started shoving treats into his mouth and he relaxed. He also doesn't like the flushing. I think it's more that he doesn't want to stand still than because of pain.

I have to tell you a tale of woe from yesterday. I bid on a saddle on eBay. It was a McCall, and it was in my price range, which is shocking. I'm talking under $500. I lost it at the very last second, as I was trying to bid more. (Funny how I always decide I'm willing to bid more right at the last minute.) Lost it by just $5. I was broken hearted. I even dreamed about it most of the night last night. It just wouldn't leave me. I'm feeling better about it now but I want a saddle! Badly!

I thought I'd type out the characteristics of my dream saddle, to get my mind straight about what I want.
  • Decent quality saddle, not one of those cheap Mexican things
  • It has to fit Tonka (narrow, skirts not too long)
  • 16" seat (no bigger, but maybe smaller would be fine)
  • Flat seat (or at least somewhat flat, which is suprisingly hard to find)
  • Center-hung stirrups that swing freely.
  • In tree rigging
  • Low horn
  • Narrow twist
  • Not a super high cantle
  • Not over 35 lbs
  • Not too much tooling (none would be great)
  • Not too much silver (but conchos would be nice)
  • Must have saddle strings or be set up to easily attach them

See, I'm not all that hard to please. A lot of these things I'd even give up for the right saddle. Now, if we were talking ANY saddle in the world I could have, I'd have one custom made that was real pretty and everything I wanted. But I'm being realistic. I'll find one eventually. It's not like there's an urgent need, I haven't been riding anyway. Too cold. I'm just feeling a little sad since I didn't get that saddle yesterday.

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