Saturday, December 20, 2008

My trip to town today.
(I got my snow driving wheels now...akin to sea legs...
seems like every year I have to get used to it all over again.)

First we had to walk up the driveway to the car.
We parked it up there before the last big storm in case we couldnt' get it out.
The truck is in the shop. Brake problem.

We caught some lazy horses soaking up the sun:

Saw lots of kitty prints in the snow.
Here's a deer trail coming through from the neighbor's place.
Right near where I found the dead buck.

A glorious hawthorn. I love this picture.
The palouse hills give way to forested mountains round about here.
Bare spots are farmground.

The surface on the highway was mostly bare. Very nice.
More Palouse hills in the background.

This is a very pretty spot. I pulled over to take this picture.

We went to several stores and I got my Christmas shopping finished.
There's more I'd like to buy, but you know, that money thing...
Oh, actually I do need to buy some Idaho Spuds.
I can get John to do that though.

We're supposed to get 4-11 inches of new snow tonight & tomorrow.
I'm okay with that, as long as I can get in to get more Naxcel for Tonka.

This was prettier in person - driving home in the evening.

I forgot to ask earlier today -
What are your preferences in a saddle and why?


Lady Of Chaos said...

Beautiful Country Andrea. I miss ID alot at times...

I really don't have a preference on saddles. I hate them all. :)

I grew up riding bareback so a saddle is a foreign object for me. I've used them but have never really felt comfortable in them. Maybe someday I'll come across one that I do feel comfy in. I'll let you know.

gtyyup said...

Those are beautiful photos! Isn't it nice to have a scenic drive just going to town? Love it.

I wanted a Wade style and had to have mine made because I'm very narrow in the hips. Here's the guy that made my saddle...this is actually my doesn't look this good anymore!

I had him put it on a semi-quarter horse tree and it fits my mustangs and my Quarter Horses too. I use this saddle for everthing...barrel racing, cutting, reining, roping, trail riding, working cattle...I love this saddle.

Tracey said...

Love the last one best, Andrea. Very lovely.

Sorry to hear about your truck. Mine was making some funny noises last night when we drove into town. It's our only transportation vehicle in this weather, so hope it's nothing serious.

froglander said...

Beautiful photos! You make the snow look pretty enough that a person can forget for a moment how much of a pain it can be.

As for saddles I guess my two main requirements are that it fits the horse and is comfortable and lets me sit in a balanced position, not making me sit like I am reclining in an armchair. There was this Circle Y saddle that we had for awhile at the tack store where I work on the weekends that I loved to sit in. It was a hard seat with just I guess what they called bicycle seat padded or something, it just had a sort of bicycle seat shaped bit of padding towards the front but it was just comfy and your legs could just hang down where they belonged and it just felt solid without being too heavy. Kinda similar in style to the one gtyyup posted a link to.

I also love a good dressage saddle with medium sized knee rolls and a medium deep seat. I've sat in some that have such big knee rolls and a deep seat that you feel trapped!

Lea and her Mustangs said...

Andrea - what beautiful pictures. My favorite saddle is Circle Y. Mine fits me like a real dream. Not Dixie as well but I am going to get a wool pad with places for shims to lift the front of it a little. I have had it a long time and can ride all day in it.