Monday, November 12, 2018

Old Times

I'm going through the old photos on my computer. Whoa, what a job. I take a LOT of pictures. Originally I was going to delete all the ones that aren't worth keeping but I found myself just looking for the best ones. Here are a few fun ones that were probably on the old, pre-Tonka blog, which has been deleted. I'm pretty sure nobody has even been around long enough to remember that blog. Horse Tales. Or Horse Tails. See, I don't even remember what it was called.

Here's my sister on Levi, her girls on Dyno and Sox, and Katia on Coda. I was probably riding Soxy, our good old appy mare.

Our boys. :)

My oldest niece on Sox again.

My younger niece winning a blue ribbon on Coda. He was so proud in the show ring!

He'd been a show horse his entire life and was dumped at the auction when he got old and skinny. Luckily a kind woman who couldn't really afford him picked him up and I bought him from her. He finished his life with our kids.

My brother in law in front with my nephew and his nephew, my nieces, a friend of the family, and my sister. What fun!

This (below) was a big trail challenge that covered miles on a big ranch. My horse had a narcoleptic episode and knocked down the electric fence in the middle of the night and let a bunch of horses loose. Lovely to wake up to galloping hooves in the darkness and try to quickly get your feet into cold, stiff boots. They didn't get far though. Then it rained all day the next day. It was fun, though!

A ladies ride. We were going to do them regularly. I don't think that happened. Or if it did, I didn't go.

Boy, I sure miss all of those horses. Soxy, Danni, Coda, Levi, Sox. They were family, and they were good to us. All gone now. I guess they made room for more horses in our hearts. I'm glad to have the memories.

And check out what Duncan is up to!

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Random Photos

Callie cuteness

Sawyer looking good

See the duck? She's got hiding skillz.

Thinking about one of these...

Love this!

And this

Thought my daughter would love this, but she has her eye on a different one. I love music stores, even though I don't aspire to play anymore.

Yucky weather is setting in. We did ride Monday to try to help someone find a lost horse after a wind storm. Horse was eventually found, we hauled her back to her home. Didn't actually end up needing the horses as it turned out, but it was good to get in the saddle in weather we normally wouldn't ride in. It should have felt good to help out, but I'll just say some people just aren't my type. I'm glad the horse was OK.

On a related note, I'd love to join the sherriff's posse and do some search and rescue. They have their meetings late on weeknights way out in the boonies. It's a little weird. I'll have to wait until I have more free time.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018


I hauled Halla and Scout to the vet/chiropractor yesterday. Halla was so good. No worries going into the strange building with the horse skeleton and the stocks, or seeing all the traffic going by, the tractor with the big sprayer booms moving on the hill, the mower at the school, and all the other business of a small town afternoon.

Her atlas and her C3 in her neck are out. The tiny bumps in her spine on her back aren't a huge concern becquse they don't hurt, there's no heat, and there is mobility there, but she did adjust that area.

She worked on her neck but it wasn't moving enough. Halla was pretty resistant to the work. Not bad, just not moving in the right way. We'll go back in a couple weeks. Until then we have some homework - stretches and icing some areas.

Scout is just fine. His adjustments have held, and he misbehaved just as much as he usually does there. He's like a big pushy, mouthy baby, even stomping and mildly kicking. I don't get it. He doesn't do that anywhere else. It's all nerves, poor guy, but it's still really frustrating.

I have no new horsey pictures, so I'll leave you with some puppy pics. We got to babysit over the weekend. :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Dental Day

Our trip to the dentist went very well. Juniper checked the place out, then she had to stand tied while Halla had her teeth worked on.

Halla did have the slight problem I thought I had seen. Her lower molars toward the front were longer than her uppers - she had a bit of a ramp there, keeping her jaw from sliding freely front to back. Farther back there were some more extreme than usual ridges that would have eventually forced gaps in between her teeth, and we're causing a bit of a catch in her side to side motion. Nothing serious for now, but would have been pretty awful if never corrected.
She was so good. Loaded right up and stood nicely with one mild dose of sedation.

Afterward Juniper loaded into the dental trailer without much fuss. She was a bit worried about the ramp at first but it didn't take long at all. Backing out was a little scary, at first she didn't want to, then she shot out really fast! Next time we'll try actually working on her teeth.

When it was time to go she was very worried and tried to load up before it was her turn.
I couldn't be happier with how they both behaved. Love my girls.

My niece and nephew-in-law got an adorable puppy. Isn't she wonderful? I could cuddle her all day.

Monday, October 22, 2018


Everyone thinks they have the best dog in the world. Everyone is right. Especially me. Winston is the best nurse. I had to have some biopsies of my esophagus the other day. No big deal, it was so quick and easy, but the anesthesia and a migraine put me in bed for the day. He took his job very seriously. Professional cuddler and lumbar support.

Liam marched with the high school band in the U of I homecoming parade as the Logger mascot on Saturday. It was hilarious. Check out his "bone saw" (trombone/chainsaw).

I don't go out in crowds very often anymore, so I'm sure I'm more sensitive than I was when I lived in big cities and went to concerts all the time. Mostly it was small town people like myself and college students at the parade. But 3 young men moving fast, looking around too much, hands in the pockets of their hoodies, looking paranoid - that set me on edge a bit. The chances of something happening in my small town are small, but we have had two crazy shooter incidents here in recent history. Maybe I'm paranoid, but that doesn't mean there's nothing to worry about. They were probably just high. Nothing did happen.

One of my ducks, Sibbell, laid this egg right in front of us the other day. No fanfair, no fuss. Just plopped it out and went about her business. Zorro showed more interest in possibly mothering it than she did.

I was super dizzy and home alone the other evening but I wanted to try some adjustments to the new saddle, so Sawyer and I took a spin around the property.
As we came back into the yard a truck came down the driveway. Probably a neighbor, I thought. Nobody ever comes down our bumpy driveway, though. We are pretty secluded, nobody can see our house in the trees. Mild worry. Should I get off my horse, stay on? Which gives me the upper hand?  I wasn't worried enough to think about my bear spray (in the wrong saddle bag) or where my phone was. I stayed on, rode over to greet them. Phsycologically, if I look confident and taller... Who is this handsome young man and why does he have a box of cheez-its? :) Turns out it was my son getting a ride home. I thought he was coming home closer to midnight. Maybe I am paranoid. Just a little.

The above photo reminded me I forgot to share this picture I liked of Halla.

Going to catch my horse, I get a lot of "help"from a donkey.

I sure do love my Juniper but she can be a pest.

Yesterday we had a nice ride at McCroskey State Park. No hunting allowed in State Parks.

Beautiful views.

We wore our orange anyway, just in case.

I love scout's face below. If you look close you'll see his extra large shoo-fly hanging from his cinch. Since his tail is paralysed he can't swat flies. Hopefully this will help. I ordered it from Knot-a-Tail, who sells on Etsy and eBay. Nice stuff!
Halla does not pose for pictures! I just can't get a side shot, she wants to face and follow.
Couple funny... I guess we'll call them funny... stories from the ride. We were bushwhacking up and down this really steep game trail, no problem. I spotted the road below us and headed for it.  The route was easy, but there was one spot Halla refused to cross. I insisted (there wasn't really another way) and she went but she got all jumpy. I had rehearsed in my mind what I'd do if she spooked and spun again. Grab MANE - not saddle - with one hand, and one rein stop with the other. I did need to use that. And she didn't stop spinning for several revolutions. We'll need to work on that. But I stayed on and all was well. Her nerves were pretty frayed so I got off a little bit later and hiked for a while. I'm guessing there was predator scent there. Most likely black bear but could be cougar or wolf up there.

Later, two motorcycles came up on us FAST. I turned my horse to face them and waved my arm, heart racing, hoping they'd see us. They did, and very nicely shut off their engines and offered to take their helmets off as they rolled past. Halla was completely cool through the whole encounter even though my heart was going a mile a minute.

Funny the things that do and don't bother a horse. Especially a formerly wild horse. Usually it's people stuff that bothers mustangs, and woodsy stuff that doesn't. She has it backwards. She had a lot of exposure to people stuff though.

We ran into a wild bunch on atv's as we met back up with the main road. They were doing donuts and running up the bank doing wheelies, it was crazy. We just waited them out until they moved on, they never even knew we were there on the trail 100 feet from them. Other than that, all we encountered was a nice, slow car full of Mennonites on the road back. No worries. Halla doesn't seem to mind cars one bit.

Oh, and turns out those crazy atv drivers - at least one of them was drinking enough to stink of it. Safe, eh? They were at the trailhead when we got back. Great example for their kids. Makes me sad and angry.

I must go! Halla is getting her teeth did and Juniper is going along for the ride to see how she does with the dentistry trailer and the strange people.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Riding With Pain

Alternate title: Riding with "The Leg." Years ago I had taken to calling it "my stupid leg," and now I find myself doing that again. Ah, but this time it's not so bad!

Actually it makes me ride without my leg, though, which is a little confusing to my horse. Or maybe an opportunity to, ahem, "misunderstand" and drift toward her herd. :)

I think actually riding may have made my leg feel better last night. A little massage to help the fluid move? I don't know but I slept better last night. Of course I'd taken a couple muscle relaxants and a Tylenol with codeine for my head. Hmm. Maybe it wasn't the ride.

Enough about me. Let me tell you how much Halla likes her new saddle. She is more relaxed, less jumpy/spooky, happier to be cinched up. (She has a new cinch too. This one is plain old rayon or whatever they make the cheap ones out of. It feels more pillowy.) Her saddle doesn't roll. I feel so bad for riding her in that other saddle now! Of course this is only our second short ride in this saddle, bit I think it's a winner. I do need to cinch down the back of it so it doesn't yaw from side to side and scrub her loin area.

And here's my sweet old man eating his dinner. :) He's all about that good stuff.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Catch up?

How can I possibly catch up? If I try to catch up I'll never blog again because it's too overwhelming.

Halla is still wonderful! But she did unload me in a spinning spook over some quail while I was taking a picture behind us. Not the right moment for shenanigans. I would be fine if she hadn't stepped on my bad leg that the mule smashed that is still damaged from 4 years ago. I won't be able to really ride for a while, although I have been in the saddle a couple times since then. It hurt.

I also won't be able to wear boots, because I can't stand anything touching my leg, so I finally got a pair of tapaderos. And I got her a saddle too, which I think she likes a lot better than the Orthoflex I've been riding in. Pics to come.

Bella is in drylot after having a slight bout of ouchy, warm feet - October laminitis attack.  She's fine now. She doesn't pose for pictures though.

Sawyer is in love with Halla, so I have him separate. It's really quite ridiculous how much he pines over her if I let them be together and then have to separate them. He's looking really, really good being on his own and able to eat enough.

Juniper needs all the love, all the time. And apples too.

Scout is Scout. Same horse, different day.

Liam has been riding Sawyer a bit. I hope he keeps it up!