Wednesday, December 03, 2014


My, how time does get away from me. I may be only a fairweather blogger. Nothing much to write about or take pictures of lately.

Luc is coming along, slowly. He had to go back and live in the mustang pen for a while, thanks to his habit of busting my fences. I probably would not adopt a horse again that has been very long in holding where they feed through panels. He sticks his head through fences and breaks the center rail (or in one case, a post). I'm not sure if I already wrote about him breaking through the electric fence? That was fun, with all 3 horses running wild. 

He is still untrusting and sometimes high strung, herdbound. But he's getting better the more we work together. He enjoys interacting with me, poor kid is bored and lonely. He is very trainable. He's just still pretty tense about it. Not as explosive lately though. Baby steps. I remember Bella was harder than this, and now she's amazing.

Speaking of Bella, she's been lame in the front end since Sunday. Laminitis? I think likely "road founder" from an ill- timed trim right before the ground froze. I put Tonka's easyboots and pads on her, and that helped, but the clip (cleat?) cover in the back quarters bruised her tender white hooves. They're off now. We should be hovering around freezing for several days, so the ground will be soft. 

Now I'm behind schedule for getting to work! See ya!