Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Giveaway number two! Just leave a comment here telling me about your favorite bit. Horse bit, that is. Unless you don't have horses, then tell me something else. Like your favorite healthy lunch. I could use some healthy lunch ideas. Or just tell me how gross the rest of the post is if you like. The prize this time is horse related, but that's all I'm going to tell you.

Well, my morning has been rather interesting. I think I'm sick again. I've been weak and shaky and breathless all morning. Which I wouldn't whine about, but this bug also comes with indecisiveness apparently. What was I indecisive about? (Grossness ahead - warning for the queasy. Be glad I didn't take a picture!) What the heck to do with a dead deer I found right next to the horse fence! He's not small, this deer. Looked rather heavy, bloated as he was. I don't know why the poor thing died. He wasn't stuck in the neighbor's barbed wire fence, which was what I assumed when I first saw him there with his legs in the air. His side was leaking a little blood, but I don't think it was a gunshot, I think he was just getting leaky from being bloated. Maybe he caught his foot as he was jumping the fence and broke his neck. Whatever it was, I hope it was quick. Poor thing.

After sitting around in the house being indecisive for about an hour (and waiting for the vet to call back about a refill for Tonka's antibiotics) I decided the vet would have to just leave a message and went out to take care of business. I wrapped a rope around his leg and dragged him to the driveway. He was surprisingly not all that hard to move. Then I wrapped the rope around my hitch and dragged him away to another part of the property for the coyotes to enjoy. I hope they eat him up quickly. He's kind of smelly.

The horses seemed rather alarmed when I dragged him past them. I hope they know I wouldn't do that to them.

Now I have a big trail of hair all down my driveway. Gross. At least it's not flesh. I don't think I could have handled that.

Gotta love country life!

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Lady Of Chaos said...

OMG that sounds like something I'd do if I found something like that out here. I'm giggling picturing the 'trail of hair'... Is that bad lol?

Favorite bit... umm well I prefer a snaffle. I have one here in 3 sizes that I just love. I have no idea what kind of snaffle it is, but the horses love it as well, so anytime I find one in a different size I buy it. :)

BTW: I enjoyed the videos on the last post. I've been busy so I'm playing catch up on all the blogs. I love the new header too.. All those 'red' horses running along. Great shot!

Duckie said...

My favorite bit, eh? How sad is it that I can't even remember what it's called? It is a split bit with a cricket. We use it on almost all of the horses where I work and I quite love it.

Kara said...

My favorite bit is the JP by Korsteel Hunter Dee with copper link.

I love this bit because it is shaped just right to fit the contours of a horse's mouth (try laying a regular snaffle acros your arm - it is angular, then try laying this bit across your arm - it just lays in line with the contours). I also like the straight cheek peices to help prevent the bit from sliding through a horse's mout (although it still can. I found that out the hard way - use a chin strap with a snaffle!!!) I adjust my bit so that it sits at, but does NOT pull at the corners of their mouths...this way they can pick it up and hold it just right for themselves. My horses will get antsy if the bit is pulled up in their mouth and stretching their lips.

Regarding the deer, I have heard that there is a very recent local epidemic in this area of bluetongue and epizootic hemorrhagic disease in white-tailed deer. It sounds like a horrible disease where the deers tonque swells up, and they suffocate or starve. It sounds like it is a very high death rate. Maybe you should report it to the Dept of Fish and Game...

Kara said... Here is another article on Bluetongue...I don't know what the date is on that last link I sent, but my sources have told me that it's popped up and causing a problem in our region only a couple months ago...

Jessie said...

My favorite bit is a pinchless french-link snaffle.

That was really gross about the deer...

gtyyup said...

I like my standard eggbutt copper mouth snaffle. I start all the colts out on that.

Then this past summer, I got a Les Vogt snaffle to show in. I like it real well too and use it all the time now on Colt. It's cowhorse legal which was obviously a requirement for a show bit.

I also like the new header photo...beautiful!