Sunday, December 28, 2008

I found a saddle! Woo hoo! I can't tell you how excited I am! It isn't a McCall, or a gorgeous hand made wade, but it's one of the others on my list of wants. A Circle Y Flagstaff. Flex tree, which I'm hoping will be the answer for Tonka. It's used, but only ridden about 10 times. I can't wait to ride in it! It'll be a while before it gets here though.

I gave Tonka his shot all by my lonesome today. I was proud of me. He wiggled a little more than usual, looking for the treats I had to give between steps in shot-giving, but it went just fine. The abscess is doing even better. I'm not getting much blood at all on the compress, and I can barely feel the thickened spot that is the abscess. Awesome.

We got to go to town today. I really expected to get stuck in the deep slush on the driveway. It was at least a foot of snow on up to two feet in the drifted areas, but then the temperature rose and it rained a lot, so it was a slippery mess. But we punched on through and I got my feed and groceries. Neither was so low as to consider an emergency, but it was nice to get out.

As the sun was setting we did a little fence work. We had lots of help from nosy horses, except for Cisco and Bella. He was busy eating and Bella is a bit shy lately. Cisco is hard on the fence between him and the other horses. We're lucky he hasn't hurt himself yet. It's made of t-posts (capped) with cattle panels. He bent the crap out of the top of one panel, looks like he went partially over the top somehow, and then he popped the panels right off the posts in another spot. New item on my list of things to do when the ground thaws - replace that stretch of fence. For now we stretched electric tape along it with step-in posts. The one thing that makes me happy for the thaw was the ability to get those posts put in. The fence is so wiggly wobbly that we couldn't put the electric tape on it or it would touch metal in some places. I think this will keep his nasty posturing and kicking at a distance until we can do something different.

I'm off to go drool over pictures of my saddle some more. :)


Lea and her Mustangs said...

Yeah Andrea. I am glad you found one. I love my Circle Y. Its old and so comfy. It goes in for a face lift on Tuesday. Also my chaps. I did something to them the last time I rode but right now can't remember. They are chinks and so handy and comfortable. I need to oil them down. They are a little stiff right now. Am happy you got a saddle.

gtyyup said...

Andrea that's a nice looking saddle...I've had a Circle Y in the past and liked it...My Man has one now and likes it too...good for you!! Hope it fits Tonka and you both.

Glad to hear his abscess is getting better!

Kara said...

Hi Andrea! This is the saddle that I have that only fits my skinny mustang. I have the regular tree and a very good memory foam pad. I hope it works for you because not only is it a gorgeous saddle, it is also very comfortable to sit in for hours on a trail ride. It's also balanced enough that I really enjoy riding lessons in it too. Good luck! When does it arrive?

Andrea said...

Kara, I thought it might be the same one, but I wasn't sure if you had the Sheridan. I think the Sheridan has a flatter seat, which I would have preferred, but everyone I've heard from who has this saddle loves it, even someone who normally rides dressage, so it must be a decent seat. And the price is great on this one. I am so excited!

Anonymous said...

love your new saddle! may you have many happy hours in it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea:

And it's on it's way!!! I sent a e-mail to you. Should arrive 1/8/09.