Saturday, December 13, 2008

And the winner of giveaway number two is Jessie! Her prize will be an old Dutton bit. Specifically a "High-Wide Correction with Copper Rollers Bit" as it is currently listed for sale on NRS. But this one is used and more suitable for display than use. I think it would look cool mounted on an old barnwood picture frame. My mom thought it might be neat to string a wire between the bottom rings and some letters spelling "Howdy" or something like that. Or it could be heated and bent back into shape and used. Jessie, send me your address. My email is andreav at turbonet dot com.

The new ones look a little prettier and currently sell for $70:

And now, to share our first snow of the year with you. Rather late for a first snow, but it's a good one!

Wee Scout should be in a Budweiser commercial.

Sharing mama's hay.

More of those two. They were more willing to pose for the camera than the other horses. Tonka was all about eating and Soxy was afraid of the snowblower.

I thought this was a neat picture our drummer and the old woodshed:
The drummer is the only "sculpture" we kept on the place. Some of the others were creepy, with threatening pitchfork hands and such. Or just a weird waste of space in some cases. The woodshed needs to come down and be rebuilt, but bigger. That may be our big project next summer. When this place was Meadowbrook Farm, 60+ years ago, they used to keep pigs in a corral at the end there.

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Jessie said...

I win a prize!?! How cool! Thanks Andrea, you may have inspired me to do my own giveaway!!!