Friday, December 26, 2008

Well, this is all gone now.

Actually, it EXPLODED all over my house. I still haven't cleaned up. The mess is very intimidating. I'd share a picture but I'd be embarassed.

The kids were THRILLED with their Christmas. I got some pictures, but you know, Christmas morning bedhead pictures are never very flattering. I'll keep them for myself to enjoy.

India stole my flingshot chicken. She loves toys that make noise, and she hasn't had one in years. We had another dog that would rip them up, so we quit buying them, and I forgot how much she loved them until yesterday. She packed that thing around and made it squawk for hours.

Angus took over the middle of the living room. I've dubbed him "Wedgie" because he likes to put his big ol' body right in the middle of things.

Speaking of Christmas Morning Bedhead
The freezing fog is not doing good things for Bella's mane. Poor girl.

Tonka's abscess has made HUGE progress the last few days. It's just a flat little lump now. No more pus, just some blood when I do the compress. Can't flush it anymore, there's no space to poke the syringe in. Very exciting.

Everyone got their dewormer today since it's warm and balmy in the 20's and not currently snowing. They didn't love me for it. It was time for Quest Plus and that stuff is NASTY. Bella wouldn't even take a treat from me afterward. Cisco just got apple flavored ivermectin since I don't know if they wormed him much before. He was offended and tried to decline, but he wasn't too bad about it. Then I trimmed 4 hooves and now I'm sitting on my butt trying to think of an excuse not to clean the house. I'm serious, this mess is so bad it's scary!

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