Sunday, May 28, 2006

May 28, 2006 - Day 8

Khota Tonka! He has a name! He'll be mainly known as Tonka since we have a Coda here already, but it's a lovely name and means just what I wanted to say of him. It means Great Friend.

Nothing new to report today, it's raining like crazy and cold, so mainly I just fed and visited with him.

He likes Della. "We breathe at each other every time we see each other," she says. He really does love to meet new people and animals.

Update: When I went out to feed I checked his height and weight (NO problem at ALL with the weight tape, WOW!), and apparently he really is only about 14.3 hands. I would have said at LEAST 15 hands. I guess my eyeball is off a bit. Oh well, easier to mount that way, and he still has some growing to do. He weighs about 800 lbs, maybe slightly less.

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