Thursday, June 01, 2006

June 1, 2006 - Day 12?

Not much to report today. I worked most of the day and got pretty overheated. I went out to see him after I took a nice cool shower after working. I was wearing a long skirt and sandals (bad girl!) and sat in a chair and let him eat packer pellets out of a bucket in my lap. And we just hung out for a while. I think the skirt threw him off a bit. I want to spend more time just hanging out with him. I just didn't have time today, and I am exhausted. I'm going to go to bed as soon as I'm done here, even though it's still light. I got all my critter chores done early and the kids have just gone to bed. Peaceful.

The pictures here are cute, I think. One shows his newly trimmed hooves. I should post a before picture too. Maybe tomorrow. And I threw in a random turkey picture. I'm really enjoying having turkeys, they're pretty comical creatures, and just really neat in a way I can't explain. I'd like to have a couple every year. I almost wish we didn't have to eat them.

Well, my pictures are taking forever to load. What to type about while I wait? Tonka is a rather bony horse. I don't just mean he's skinny, but his bones almost seem too big. I'm thinking he just needs to grow into them. He also has funny shaped bones. A little ways below his elbow on the outside of his front leg there's a slight bony protrusion. Nothing bad, I don't think, just something different. His big bones make his hip and stifle area look weird when he walks too. I'm not going to worry about it right now. He just needs to grow into himself. Next time I have the vet out I'll have him look Tonka over too, just in case.

Pictures are done loading, I'm going to bed! Happy trails! Or as Richard Shrake says, "May you always ride a good horse."

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