Wednesday, June 21, 2006

June 21, 2006 - Day 32

It's been one month! He came home on the 21st of May. Pretty cool. Seems like a lot longer, like he's always been here...

We went for a pretty long walk down the road today. Past a very suspicious white vinyl fence, several sinister mailboxes, horse-eating-cows, scary old tractors and a garbage can. Probably about a 1/4 mile round trip. Good boy! No real problems to report, other than he just needed to check some things out. We stopped and talked to my neighbor for a while, and Tonka was pretty good about standing patiently while we talked. He fidgeted some, called to a cow he thought might be a horse, and ate some grass, but mostly stood nicely. My neighbor is a nice old guy, has lots of funny stories about the people who used to live here. He's going to come check out our grass and hopefully he'll hay it for us. A truck went by while we were talking, probably about 75 feet away, and Tonka shied a little but didn't actually move his feet too much, other than to try to get to where he could see what that was. Oh, and the cats on the porch, a litte ways away, were very interesting to him. He looked and looked. One of them used to by my cat, but apparently found he liked it better at the neighbors. He's a good cat, I'm glad he didn't get got by a coyote, which was what I thought had happened before I saw him over there. He was pulled out from under a burning house as a kitten and we got him from a rescue. But I digress. We had a good walk, looking forward to more of the same, only better!

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