Sunday, July 16, 2006

July 16, 2006

This morning I went out to medicate Soxy and Tonka volunteered to come into the inner pen, where we often do training. So I loved on him a little then went and got my hoofjack and trimming tools, minus my precious nippers. He's not ready to try that anyway, and I don't want them accidentally damaged! Put his front hooves forward on the stand, and did a little rounding with the rasp over some small cracks that are forming. Then switched to the cradle and worked on the bottom of the hoof. Took out a little dead sole, not much because it's so hard and dry. Rasped a little on the heels that are out of balance. He took his foot from me once, and tried a few other times. I gave him some breaks to keep it easy. We probably only worked for 10-15 minutes total. Then I let him out, unhaltered, petted, and visited with Lyric who has a very itchy belly. Then loved on Tonka some more.

I'm hoping to get an appointment with a barefoot trimmer who is finally accepting new clients. He has a history of not showing up for appointments or being like 4 hours late, so I don't know how that will go. But it's worth a try. So I'll keep messing with Tonka and not do a real trim unless I find that I can't get an appointment with the guy. His hooves have a strangeness that I'd rather have a professional deal with.

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