Wednesday, August 23, 2006

August 23, 2006

I know I haven't written in too long. I don't have a lot to write about Tonka, since we haven't really been doing anything. He is becoming more comfortable with me going up to visit him, and rubbing him all over. I think the time off has done a lot of good, just to make him feel less pressured. Not that he was being exactly evasive when I'd visit him, but he was a bit tense. I did "force" him to wear a fly mask the last couple days. He doesn't like it. By force I mean I insisted, without a halter or any restraint, that he do something he doesn't like. And he did it. He is a good boy. The flies are bad enough that their eyes were looking irritated if I left the masks off. Not his, but the other horses', so I figured it was time for him to get used to it.

On a non-mustang subject, we have a new horse! I was looking for a horse for John and an opportunity came that I couldn't pass up. Unfortunately she probably wouldn't be good for John at this point, but she would be great for both of us to take lessons on. And a wonderful trail horse for me. Her name is Danni, an 18 year old Thoroughbred mare. She raced as a youngster. She lived with one family until she was 15 and then with the people I bought her from. She was a 4H horse, did some dressage. Her girl is going off to join the Marines. When I went to try her out we went on a 2 hour trail ride and played around in a deep pond. Lots of fun. We'll be going on the same trail this Saturday, only going a longer route. I can't wait. Katia's going to go with me on Soxy, who is now Katia's riding horse. That is, if we find a way to deal with Danni's hooves before then. One of her front shoes came off, so I took the other off, and the guy can't come to fix her up until next week. I thought my appointment was for today, but it's for next Wednesday. So I'm going to go out and buy her some Easyboots today. It must be a sign, NO SHOES! I was going to go against my beliefs and have her shod just through the fall, so I can ride her without worrying, then transition her to barefoot. Now I'll just have to make the transition sooner, if the boots work.

One of the pictures is of Danni hopefully sneaking up to Tonka, wanting some of his grain, while he edged his feed pan backward, not wanting to share. The other one shows her in the background. She's a sweetie, and she fit right into our herd here. Tonka loves her.

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