Sunday, November 19, 2006

Last night Della and I got to go out for our birthdays (6 months late). Part of the deal was that John would feed the animals if I got the feed all ready to go. I got home before he fed, but he fed anyway. It was really seeming like it was taking a long time, but I don't know how long it usually takes me, I just do it. Then he came in and told me that someone had gone through the part of the fence that's just 3 strands of cheap electric tape, and Soxy, Tonka, and Lyric had been out. Soxy went in with just a little fuss. John opened the narrow gate for Tonka, and Tonka just walked in like, "Oh yeah, this is where I need to be, thanks." This is a gate he usually stops to think on before going through. This he did with no halter, in the dark, with Lyric being a scaredy cat nearby. And John never handles or messes with him, so I think it's awesome that Tonka trusted him. John didn't realize yet that the fence was down, so let him back into the area where there was essentially no fence along one side. But Tonka followed him through another gate and into the big pasture where the fencing was still whole. Wow, that's my boy. He's amazing.

I went out this morning to check them over thoroughly, and nobody is hurt at all. I wonder why someone went through the fence. Maybe a moose came through? The dogs were barking madly about an hour before John went out. I wish I knew what happened. I'll look for tracks when I go fix the fence.

Another funny story from the other night: I took Maya, my dog who loves to do chores with me, out to help me feed. I was walking through the area where I feed Tonka, Lyric, and Soxy. They usually come in from the pasture and get there just after me. Maya knows better than to go into the fenced area unless invited, but I heard a very quiet noise behind me, so I turned around, saying, "Maya?" RIGHT in my face was Tonka, blinking and flinching from my headlight shining in his eyes, and looking totally innocent and curious. He snuck up on me! I don't know where he came from, or how he got that close without me knowing. Silly boy.

I sure do love my mustang!

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