Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Check out this other mustang blog. http://mustangdiaries.blogspot.com/ This is Tracy, who adopted her Quiet Storm at the same adoption I got Tonka at.

She has, on one of her blogs, tagged all who read to tell TEN things about themselves that others may not know. Here goes...

1. I seriously need to lose weight... Like, lets see, at least 45 pounds... Working on it though! Gotta get slim and strong because I'm gonna be a farrier!

2. I may live on a wee farm, but I am NOT a morning person. When we get the milk cow, she will have to adhere to my schedule, which will never include getting up at 5 in the morning.

3. When I was about 11 or 12 I wanted to fly a Cobra helicopter in the Army. I seriously can't remember why I chose that specific aircraft. Would've made more sense to choose Air Force since there was a base just over the mountain.

4. At that age I lived in Tijeras, New Mexico, which is in the mountains outside Albuquerque, and the air force base was Kirtland. WEIRD goings on in the skies over our place sometimes. Lazers, sonic booms... Aliens???

5. I moved around a lot, but I wasn't a military brat, as some assume. Henry, my stepdad, was in school to become a psychologist. UNM is a cool school. NM is a cool place. WOW, the desert is beautiful. They call it the Land of Enchantment for good reason.

6. I find it weird, after living in areas of such cultural diversity, to live in such a non-diverse place. It takes a lot of the spice out of life. It's hard to relate to some of the innocent racism here... People don't even realize their statements are racist.

7. I used to LOVE the Native American area of the NM state fair. The dances, all the hot guys with the long black hair. Oooh, there was this one time the hottest guy there asked Carrie and I to dance with him. Luckily it was a really basic dance. I got to hold his hand...

8. I'm finding that I like bluegrass music. Only the good stuff though! And most assuredly not country. Except a couple songs. I'm slipping! Becoming a Yokel!

9. I have very few friends. I mean, like just a couple. But I love them dearly, and they make up for all the "acquaintance" type friends I could have if I were a more sociable person. I just don't do well with meeting new people.

10. People think I'm stuck up. I don't like that... Actually I'm just shy, as I said before. Weird to think that someone could think *I* am stuck up, but I can see their point. I've met shy people before and my first impression was that they thought they were too good to talk to me. So I better work on that.

Oh, and about that other list of things about me... No, I never rode the goat... I've always been a pretty obedient child (at least, when I might get caught).

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