Monday, February 05, 2007

YAY! Vet came out, said he could be wrong (longshot) but it's not strangles! Not the right size/shape or in the right spot. Lungs good, eyes good, no nasal discharge... I do have to put him on antibiotics for at least a week. Yuck. Steve (vet) started talking about penicillin and I cringed. He then asked if I had sulfas, and YES, I have LOTS, and they don't involve painful injections. Wonderful good. I like to mix pancake syrup (low-cal) with my drugs, it makes it so much easier. The reason for the antibiotics is some nasty bacteria that can get into wounds like this. Steve's horse recently got a splinter under the jaw and had to be on antibiotics for a month. Hope I don't have to do that!

He was really impressed with how well behaved Tonka was, and liked the way he was put together, other than that he's pigeon toed. Then he went on to say that his horse is pigeon toed so it's no big deal, just makes them more predisposed to splints. That explains why Tonka got that splint so easily. I love talking about my boy and having other people admire him! He's so great.

Steve agreed that he shouldn't be doing any long hard rides this year (the trainer I'm considering takes them on 15 mile rides). So I think I'm going to pony him, saddle him, ride him around a bit, and send him for serious training this time next year when I'm gone for farrier school anyway.

He's just starting to lose the first of his baby teeth, so he's probably closer to 2 1/2 than 3.

Tonka is a darn special horse. I just love him more and more all the time.

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