Monday, March 26, 2007

My muddy, muddy boy.


And after (better but look at that filthy mane!):

Today I checked his weight and height, with no halter or anything. He did really well with the weight tape. Took off the first time when I tightened it up, but the second and third times he stood for it. He's just about 950 lbs. Then I checked his height, as accurately as I could, which isn't very... I came up with 15 hands. My sister came by later, she hasn't seen him in a long time. She said he looked more like 14.3 to her. One inch difference, and how accurate is an eyeball guess... she could be right but does it really matter?

Tried his new splint boots on him, and apparently he has really short cannon bones... The mediums don't fit right! I can scoot them down a bit, and they will still work, I think. Will have to try it and see what happens. HOWEVER, I finally got a chance to ask my vet what type of splint boots he recommends for this specific situation (pigeon toed, previous splints) and he said Professional's Choice SMBs. Which is NOT what I bought... But then he also said only use them when he's working hard, doing maneuvering or circle work. So I think these ones will work at least until he goes away to training. If I test them out and they seem to work fine, maybe I won't get the SMBs.

Oh, by the way, Tonka tried on his splint boots without a halter too, even though at first he was skeptical. He wasn't very nice to my sister though, kept pinning his ears at her. Not in an "I'm going to eat you" sort of way, just more like, "Let's see if I can get away with this." They're all acting weird though, the girls are in heat and he's acting like a boy, and they're just flighty and odd. Danni followed my sister around, kept going up and resting her head against her. It was very sweet. I was a bit jealous because she never does that to me, but then she did. She must just be feeling weird. Soxy was more lovey than usual today too. I thought it was just because she was waiting for her turn to be brushed, but who knows.

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