Thursday, March 01, 2007

Tonight Tonka seemed a little odd. Just slow. Didn't come dashing to the hay. Lollygagged along... The others came running. I checked him over and he seemed okay. Hooves slightly warm, but no warmer than Lyric's. Danni's were ice cold and wet, so I don't know who's normal and who's not. They're probably all normal for themselves. No dripping eyes or nose, no blood anywhere, gut sounds normal. After what happened to Roseanne, I am scared. I hope my assessment is correct. I can't imagine losing him. And I'm too tired to deal with another struggle to live. So I'm hoping that my fortune today is correct, at least for today. It said "God will give you everything you want." We all know that's absurd. But tonight, I want all my loved ones to be well.

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