Friday, March 23, 2007

Yesterday they sure tore it up. Lyric started it, and then they were all happy to do some running. Silly horses. Back and forth, back and forth. My poor pasture. But I sure had fun taking pictures.

Eventually they stopped. Danni was done first, but then she's an old girl. Doesn't Tonka look handsome here? (But look at the poor torn up pasture!)

I made him a new burgundy halter. Really all I wanted to do was try it on him and go for a short walk and groom him, but he apparently thought I was going to do mean things, judging by how happily he ran with the others instead of being caught. I did ask him to do a couple quick obstacles, but kept it very low-key, because I don't want him to think every time I catch him we're going to do something long and hard and scary. Then I turned him loose, made a couple adjustments to the halter, and caught him again, tried it on, and turned him loose. So hopefully it was a good experience for him.

Oh, and back to the burgundy. It's going to be his color. Not overwhelmingly, but with some taste... I got him some burgundy splint boots too. And eventually will get a nice woven pad with burgundy. I think it'll look nice with his darker burgundy-ish dun characteristics.

And here is my really actually final decal... I think. No, really, it's the last one, the one I'm having made... I really need to quit fiddling with it!

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