Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Horse time has been pretty relaxing this week. They're all turned out together in green grass, being a herd, which I always love to see. Since I don't have to trudge around throwing hay, I get to spend my horse time petting everyone. They still get their supplements in the morning, but nothing in the evening. But don't tell them that, because they always come to me in a hurry. I'm pretty sure they think I'm going to feed them in the evening too. Actually they all seem to enjoy getting a good rub down even without food, except for Danni, who I think is mad at me for making her work so much lately. She's shunning me.

Today I had to make the decision between keeping Soxy locked up off grass for half the day, or putting the grazing muzzle on her. She is getting fatter at an alarming rate and I don't want to founder her. Locking her up seemed counter-productive, since she can't move around. So she got her grazing muzzle. Which bothers me more than it does her. She really doesn't mind. Anyway, tonight I went out to take it off, and I was standing there petting Lyric when Tonka came up and started nibbling on it. So I let him take it, and he shook it around. Dropped it, grabbed it up again and shook it. We were laughing, standing back because it has a snap on a longish strap, and we didn't want to get smacked. Well, eventually it got him, pretty hard on the bottom of the jaw. He didn't think to drop it, just bolted in a small circle, then dropped it. Stood for a moment and then started playing with it again. Silly boy. It really is pretty funny. I gave him a Jolly Ball, and he won't touch it. But he loves to play with just about anything else.

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