Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Played with my boy today. You know, I need to stop listening to my sister. She keeps making comments about how bad/crazy he is, so I start thinking, "what am I thinking, with a young horse?" and I need to stop thinking that. He's a good boy, and I love him. We did some obstacles today. He's so good! I think he trusts me, or he's just level headed, because even when he's worried he's pretty mellow about it all. We also did a lot of just hanging out, grooming, and picture taking. You'd be amazed at how many pictures I have of this horse...

We worked on going through the "Cowboy Curtain." It's a tarp cut into strips blowing in the wind. We're using it to get ready for a trail competition in a couple weeks. He did it for me several times, when I walked through with him and made a kind of opening. WOW. He is AWESOME.

I get such a great feeling when I spend time with Tonka. He's very good for me. I hope he likes me too. I know I'm not as important to him as he is to me, since I'm so annoying and all, but maybe that will grow.

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