Saturday, May 05, 2007

Thank you to Kim and Della for your supportive words!

The day I finally wrote about our bad episode, I went outside and loved on my horses and I realized that Tonka still loves me and we'll get over this. He's such a sweetie. Kind of like a pesky little brother a lot of the time though...

I started fiddling with clicker training after the saddle accident, and it's kinda neat. But kinda not. I need to get a book. I've got to be doing several things wrong, because I'm being mugged for treats! Tonka does right most of the time, but has his nose on my pocket the rest of the time. And sometimes tries to refuse to let me back by his hiney because the treats are leaving the vicinity of his mouth. Lyric is responding really well to it! I wish I could show you the look on his face as he watched me work with Tonka. He stood without moving his feet the entire time, ears perked, eyes bright, intently watching us. He was RIVETED. Then he got to join the fun and now he will cautiously approach me rather than making me catch him. But he's still the last horse to come running.

Anyway, I am having fun with the horses. No real goal in mind, just bonding.

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Akyramoto said...

I'm totally reading your blog backwards, lol. so you've probably already solved this problem - but I've seen people use a rope to help desensitize the girth area & get the horse used pressure in that area.