Monday, May 21, 2007

Tonka is doing well with the trainer! We went out there this morning and got to watch. This is the second time he's gotten on, and all went well. Tonka was a bit squirrely with the saddle at first, but after some desensitizing the trainer got on and rode around a bit, mostly small circles to make sure he had his directional cues.

Other than the riding and such, he spent his time while we were there tied to a post, fiddling with his bit and pawing. Bad boy. But long hours of that will cure him of it. It was kinda rough seeing little sores at the corners of his mouth from his fiddling. He chose to do it that excessively, so what can you do? I suppose try a different bit, but it was a perfectly reasonable bit, and he's just going to have to get used to it at some point.

I'd have gotten a picture, but my camera batteries were dead! Shocking and wrong! I was devastated. Sorry I have no pretty images to share. And I must say, he was looking good under that saddle.

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