Sunday, September 23, 2007

I'd just gotten done saying I couldn't wait to see her and Tonka together. I heard my name called very urgently from outside. Our girl had gotten loose. She got very spooked and busted through three very sturdy rails and ran for it. Her drag rope was terrifying her. She broke through into the pasture with Soxy and Tonka, and kept doing these beautifully graceful spins, but they weren't very enjoyable to watch, because she was trying to get away from her rope and there wasn't much of a fence to keep her in. It was really terrifying, thinking what the heck am I going to do if she goes through, that was the last thing keeping her on the property. Long story made short, because I am EXHAUSTED, she's contained again and we were SO LUCKY. She's not hurt badly, just a scrape on her forehead as far as I can tell. And she didn't leave the property. She's in a different spot now, we bought some panels so we could contain her inside the pen we managed to get her in, with access to a nice big stall she has no interest in entering. Tonka was a HUGE help in getting her in a safe place. I'll probably write about it in more detail later.

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