Friday, October 05, 2007

Today I didn't do much, just brushed her right side, touched her left, and tried to get pictures of her teeth. I'm not sure whether she's just losing her baby teeth and growing in new ones, or if it looks like her bottom incisors are broken.

Click on the following picture to see it full size and tell me, what do you think? (Bad picture, but the best I managed to get.)

Now look at this next picture. Because of the color of those two central incisors, I'm tempted to think they might be her permanent teeth. But they're sure small. What do you think? If they are permanent, she'd be closer to 3 years old than two. Not that it matters. She's ours now, and either age gives her time to grow... I just hope she grows enough. I don't want to have to sell her.

Here's a picture of Tonka running to meet me this morning, just to show I haven't forgotten about him. Although I haven't been spending any time with him at all. I hope to change that this weekend.

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