Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Well, I did try to upload a video. Once again it didn't work. Wasn't very interesting anyway, but I thought it was cute. Maybe one of these days I'll put it on YouTube.

We worked with the barrels some more, and the tarp, and side passing over a pole and the barrels. All of this has been in-hand, by the way. I hope to ride later today. The weather is gorgeous!
The tarp is no big deal. Although still fun to paw at, lick, and bite.

Well, he sure is honest about his feelings. He really doesn't like those pesky barrels. And we did find out that they are just tall enough when standing on end to get kind of stuck under his barrel if he makes a wrong move. Goof ball just hasn't understood yet that I don't want him to run into, over or through them when I'm asking him to back around them. I think that's a large part of his dislike of them. They do weird things when he does weird things. Hmm, imagine that... I've never known a horse that behaves like he does. He has to do a thing to see what's going to happen, even though I think he has a pretty good idea it's going to be unpleasant, because he's cautious and thoughtful going into it. Then he bumps, paws, runs into, whatever, and it scares him. He's goofy. But I think it will make a better horse of him eventually, since he's willing to explore things. Luckily when we're riding I can direct him away from doing things like that though.

Mack-man, peeking over Tonka's neck. He's a pest, but he's darn cute.

This morning Tonka got his Flu/Rhino booster. This vaccine is a newer one, called Calvenza, and my vet said it's better, has all the more up-to-date flu strains. I was glad it wasn't Ft. Dodge, thought I'd have to settle for that since I wasn't mail-ordering and that's what my vet and the feed stores usually have. I normally don't boost in the fall, but since he's going to be exposed to a LOT of horses next month, it was the wise thing to do. I didn't have to do his strangles vaccine again since we just did it in May. He was a VERY good boy for his shot. John said that last time he threw a fit. I don't remember that. What, MY Tonka, do something BAD? Never! Anyway, he barely flinched this time. Helps that John's quick with the shot.

Bella was extra jumpy this morning. I wonder if it's because the routine got broken up a bit by Tonka's shot. I didn't feed grain before I fed hay. And we messed with Tonka before I fed Bella. Not a very big change in routine, so who knows, maybe she was just having an off morning.

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