Friday, October 12, 2007

Well, tonight I not only picked up all four of Bella's feet, but I picked them all out too! Ooh, I've been wanting soooo bad to see what the bottoms of those feet look like. I wasn't disappointed... Very nice feet, of course, since she's a mustang. The frogs are a bit icky thanks to the wetness and the poo that gets packed in them. But nothing serious. They really aren't very overgrown either. Just a bit to take off, and a roll all around, and they'd be great. That'll take a little longer to accomplish. Maybe not too terribly long though!

On the subject of feet... Her hind left leg is all swollen. I don't know if it was before or if it's just been the past week or so. I just kind of ignored any "dings" since they're just going to have to heal on their own. But anyway, that swollen leg also has an odd hoof. It went from beautiful to flared overnight, and now the flared bit is peeling off. Chipping, you could say, but not brittle enough to chip, so it's kind of peeling. I wonder if she hurt it when she hurt the leg, or if the heat in the foot is causing the lamina to let loose, or what. I didn't see anything under the hoof that was a problem. Of course the hoof was dirty, it was dark out, and I wasn't going to plant my face directly behind her hoof... It'll have to just heal. I may try to sneak her some bute in the morning.

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