Thursday, November 29, 2007

Another trimming day! This time I brought out the big guns. I asked her to hold her hoof like a big kid, I used the nippers, and I did all four in one sitting. Well, standing. Or should I say bending? My back would say bending. Bella would say standing. And standing. And standing. "Get it over with already!" she'd say.

I haven't picked up her hooves in I don't know how long. She didn't give me any trouble at all, except a little unsureness on the left front when I did the DFH (Dreaded Farrier Hold, front hoof between legs) for the first time. I also performed the WYMM hold, AKA Will You Marry Me, so named because one kneels on one knee, holds the hoof on the other, and trims away. I wouldn't do that if I thought she was a dangerous wild horse, so that tells you how well behaved she was.

Here are some pictures for your visual delectation:
(Is it acceptable to use delectation in such a way? Aw, who cares...)

Isn't my little helper cute?

Hoof over knee, this is big kid stuff!

My daughter (photographer of the day) was absolutely tickled with this picture since she got all three of our butts. Giggle giggle.

Yet another picture of my "little" bovine "helper."

I use quotes there because she's getting pretty big and beefy. And she wasn't very helpful at all. Thanks to her Bella did move pretty quickly once. Just as I was saying "I'm going to have to get after that cow in a minute" she made Bella mad and who knows what happened but my nippers went flying, I had to spank Clara and kick her out, and Bella would have left given the choice. She didn't like my loudness. Should've gotten after that cow just a bit quicker. (Yes, yes, I know she's not a cow. But it's easier than saying heifer, nicer than saying beef, and less odd-sounding than saying bovine.)

If you'll notice in the first picture, she had no physical restraint. Yes, she had food for about half the trim, but she'd have been just as good without it. Well, almost as good.

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