Monday, November 19, 2007


I need comments. I'm feeling rather lonely here. Actually, I suspect there may be a malfunction somewhere, and I'm using you all as my guinea pigs.

So, leave a comment, let me know where you live (town or state or whatever, I don't need your address or anything), and a link to your blog or website or someone else's blog or website that you enjoy. I'm in need of new reading material. :)

I'll put everyone's name in a hat, and if you win, I'll send you a rope halter hand made by yours truly. If you don't have a horse you can pick a horse charity and I'll send it to them.

Since this isn't a high-traffic blog, I'll give you some time. Post your comment by 7am Pacific time this Friday. Yes, that's Black Friday. So make sure you comment before you head off to your favorite sales!

(All rope halters pictured in this blog were made by me, except the bright orange one for hunting season.)


Christy said...

YAY I'm comment #1!! That means I should win right? Well, I should....:)

I have 2 blogs. One is and the blog about Henry is linked in my profile. I need to be better about updating that one!

I like your new banner in the header. How did you do that?

Andrea said...

Oh yay! My comment doohickey does work. I lost a couple comments recently, so I wasn't sure...

The banner was really easy actually. I'll go back and see how I did it and then get back to you on a comment on your blog.

I forgot you had a blog for Henry. I can't access it for some reason. I'm checking out your other one now.

Lady Of Chaos said...

I look everyday, even if I don't post, blogger is weird sometimes and won't let me...

Kalin said...

Hi there! I check your blog every day, too. My blog is

I like to read about people working with their horses because I'm at school in a different state than my horse (who I like to say is roughin' it mustang-style, even though he's about as coddled as they come, he just has access to the pasture 24/7) and I miss our daily interaction.

Della said...

Hello! I'm not affiliated in ANY way with this blog's owner! Nope not me! So I could win, right?!

as for new reading material I need some that I enjoy is

Heather Kay said...

Hi, I found you through Ree at Pioneer Woman. My other favorite blog is I am enjoying your blog! Happy Thanksgiving!!


Laura said...

Hi...It's me!!!!
Lyric will great in a new halter. :)
I just want to tell you all that I think this lady is awesome. She has been very kind in sharing her horses with the crazy middle aged horse crazed woman. She is a good friend, and a great writer. I have been reading the blogs since she started. I Love them!!!!!

Kim said...

I'm late for the contest, but regularly check in and read your blogs. I like your new header.

I have 2 blogs and am trying to keep them current:o) My personal one is, my second one is for my dogs and their training