Friday, November 23, 2007

Okay, since the contest didn't get the minimum number of comments, I'm going to extend it until it does. So we need 3 more comments from new people on that specific post.

Back to real life: Today the temps are in the twenties, and my trough was pretty much empty. Me being the optimist that I am (and lazy) I didn't drain the hoses last time I watered. And since then it got very cold. So yesterday I had to coil up all 300 feet of hose in the pump house. I thought it would thaw just by being in there, since it's above freezing, but after a day I still couldn't get water through the hose. So I dug my way to the back of my attic and got out a space heater (safe kind, no fire hazard) and it's cranked to the highest setting in the pump house. Still no water as of now, so I had to bucket water out again. Fun stuff. And I just made a long boring story out of an ulpleasant occurrence.

I braided Bella's mane earlier. Led her around for about 30 seconds. Then the next time I went out, I haltered her, petted her and then unhaltered her. Pretty exciting stuff, eh?

My back is killing me for some reason today. Possibly all the time spent sitting yesterday, between the drive and just sitting around and eating all day. I better go do some of the exercises the physical therapist gave me.

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