Monday, November 26, 2007

Well, in case you were dying of suspense, yesterday I opted to ride AND go to town. Aren't I tricky?

I didn't ride long, instead I gave Katia a mini-lesson in the round pen. Soxy needs to be taught some lightness, and unlearn her head-tossing habit. They made good progress.

While Katia was hunting down the wee man and his helmet for his ride, I got in a little ride on Tonka. Practiced walk, trot, walk transitions. He's got a nice stop! But that doesn't help much when I'm asking him to go from a trot to a walk. Also worked on side-passing, and something else that escapes me at the moment... He did have to stand tied and be patient a lot through the kids' rides. Rough life he leads, ya know...

Liam, when he finally showed up, got to go on his first solo ride! I unhooked the lead rope, told him he was on his own, and he was briefly worried, then excited, then realized he needed to know what to do. So I gave him the basic instructions and off he went. It was great. It's so nice to have a round pen that I know he'll be safe in, and a tolerant horse!

Katia rode again after that, to show off for her dad. Notice anything glaringly wrong in this next picture? (Besides Soxy's lovely expression and the funny breastcollar fit.) I didn't notice at the time, but spotted the problem when looking through the pictures later.

And here Bella was a little excited to see her buddies coming back, (she actually trotted!) and kind of weirded out by Katia sitting on Soxy. Maybe she thought Tonka was the only one who got sat on around here.

She actually isn't wearing a halter all the time anymore, I just put that on her as practice and took it off afterward.

Good night!


Danny said...

That Soxy is absolutely gorgeous. And Bella... *swoons* How did her trot look? Nice and smooth?

And as for what's wrong with the picture... could it be that darling Katia has no helmet perched atop her head?

Andrea said...

Hey thanks! I think they're pretty nice too :)

Bella's trot is beautiful, she just floats along. I can't wait to get her under saddle.

Soxy also has a to-die-for trot. So smooth Katia had to ask, "Is she trotting?" She's the only horse I'm brave enough to trot and lope when riding bareback.

Absolutely, the helmet. She says she didn't realize she didn't have it on. Just slap me, horrible mom that I am, for not noticing. Can I use cold as an excuse? It was only 25 degrees out and I'd been outside for hours. All is well though. Luckily the kids have never had to put that helmet to work protecting their precious grey matter.