Saturday, December 15, 2007

I've been a blogging slacker the last few days. Mainly because I've been a horse slacker too. Christmas shopping and family obligations and all that. Don't expect much tomorrow either. So, here's a little treat for today, taken on the old crappy camera, but still...

Tonka, my big goof, says, "Hey, wait a minute, you're supposed to be feeding me. Put that thing away already!"

Here's Mack, being cute.

A little farm tour here. The new round pen, the mustang pen behind it, and next to that is our Costco canopy hay shelter. Tacky looking, I know... Up above it all up by the trees is what Liam calls his igloo. Don't ask me, I didn't build it. Gave me the creeps the first time I saw it. Little did I know I'd be living here someday...

Here's the view to the north. Prettier in person.
Finnigan was there, demanding I carry and pet him all the way back to the other side of the property. He's a cat, therefore he gets what he wants... He's a sweet lovey boy, and a phenomenal hunter.
This is Das, one of my favorite hens. She's pretty, and agile, and waiting to be fed, thank you very much!

I love this picture of Peekaboo, Das' baby. She's the only one who actually gives us any eggs, although she's on strike for winter right now. She's extremely belligerent, always alarmed. Strange bird. She had a sister who was mellower and just as pretty, and I meant to keep her sister, but grabbed the wrong hen in the dark when I was giving half of them away (because we had too many eggs. Now look at us, with none...) I'm not sorry Peekaboo stayed with us, she gives life variety, which seems to be the only purpose of these particular chickens... Actually, truly, they earn their keep just by being chickens. I get a great amount of satisfaction from just watching them.

Lastly, Bella with her old biddie buddies. They dart around under her legs and you can tell she's slightly irritated about the whole thing, but she's a graceful hostess nonetheless.

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