Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Another Picture from the Porch:
Aren't they adorable? That corner of the pasture is Bella's favorite hangout. I'm sure that, given the choice, she'd have her baby there sometime, then it would roll under the fence, get up, and toddle off the drop off into the creek. Of course, she won't be given the choice.

I have some fencing work to do before the baby gets here. I'm going to cut that pasture in half so that the pond and the lower half of the pasture that can flood are not accessible. Plus of course adding fencing lower down so baby can't go under.

Looks like I need to replace my temporary fence that you can see in the picture too. There are 25 or so tiny golden willows being protected by that fence. May as well make a better fence since it'll be a LONG time before the trees can handle horses around them. I can't wait to plant more trees this spring!

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