Thursday, January 03, 2008

Baby kicked me! Bella is definitely pregnant. He/she rolled all over under my hand, kicked and thumped, disappeared for a while and then came back. It was so cool! I love baby movements. It brought tears to my eyes. I pressed on him/her to get more movement, and that kind of ticked Bella off, the two of us socializing through her belly. Oh how I wish I had x-ray vision glasses and could look in and see! Her herd is known to have lots of pintos, but all the horses at the adoption were pretty much solid, so I don't know... Hope it's built well too.

So, since I'm feeling movement, she's at least six months along. Which I pretty much could have guessed, since she was gathered in late July. That does narrow it down a bit though. I suspect she's further along than that, but I'm no expert.

I STILL can't entice her to eat any alfalfa. Remember, she's only 2, so she's growing herself and her baby. I want to make sure she has every chance possible to reach her full potential.

Now I need to start thinking about adding another strand or Horse Guard Fence so baby can't escape under the fence.

So exciting!


Anonymous said...

YEAY!!!! I am excited for you! Remmember, I am willing to sit on foal watch with you...whe the time comes.

Andrea said...

You should definitely come down, it'll be fun. We can take out a thermos of hot cocoa or something,and then sleep through the birth like Amy and I did with Aria. Hee hee.