Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Big day! Bella went for a walk outside the fence! Very, very short one, but still... We went past a garbage can and over by the old decrepit shed that's generally pretty scary to horses that aren't used to it. Then we went back. She went in and out the gate like a pro, no hesitation like I'd half expected. It was really cold, or I would have taken her about and around a bit more. And this way she got outside her comfort zone, was fairly stressed, but it was short and sweet and she got to see that it wasn't that big a deal. And she didn't overreact at all. I love this horse. I really need to do this sort of thing more often, it's such a rush. Maybe we'll go for a real walk tomorrow. Hope the wind dies down.


Anonymous said...

Good job Andrea. Besides the Mentors in Spokane, we have an Inland Empire Mustang Club that meets on the last Friday of the month. At the Crossroads Rest.
Your horses are a pleasure to watch especially when I saw Bella at the adoption. Lea

laura99218 said...

What great pictures. I love looking at your horses.