Tuesday, January 22, 2008

This isn't really all about the horses except that I was going to fill troughs today. We have no water! I don't know if the pump or the pipes are frozen or what... It did get down to -8 last night. The weird thing is it's been colder than that before and we didn't have this problem. We put a heater on full blast in the pumphouse, and we'll see what that gets us. Luckily the troughs still have a fair amount of water in them. I might just have to keep the de-icers turned off part of the time so it doesn't all steam away. Here's hoping this resolves soon!


Tracey said...

Have you got water yet, Andrea?

Andrea said...

Oh, yeah, should have updated that... The water came back on that night, after I was beginning to panic and wonder what the heck we were going to do. No troubles since then. We're keeping a heater in the pumphouse.

Now, my hoses are another matter. I did finally get the troughs filled yesterday, just before they completely ran out.