Friday, February 15, 2008

I don't even know how long it's been since I've ridden. I just haven't had any drive whatsoever. Winter wears me out like that. I get to thinking I don't know why I even have horses, it's too much work, it's too risky, it's too expensive. But then the sun comes out again.

Here's my sweet, handsome fella in his Christmas tack.
The pad is new, from my mom. The cinch came free with the purchase of the pad (which was very cool because I was going to buy one). My really super nice new helmet is hanging in it's cool helmet bag from the other side of the saddle. I didn't know how much I was going to love that helmet. The brim is slightly bigger, and it makes a HUGE difference in blocking glare. It's just way more comfortable too. He is not sporting our cool new custom slobber straps because I'm waiting to get my length of rope for the reins back from my sister. I think we'll both like them though.

After a little bit of running around (had to go back inside and get proper boots on) and reminding him what the reins are (see how he's playing with the bit?) I hopped on and rode up to the bus stop. It was weird, and kind of nerve wracking, getting on again. I didn't know if he'd be bad after so much time off. But it looks like he's the kind of horse I love, the one who doesn't need a huge tune up after time off. We did some flexing, some yielding, some clumsy side-passing, backing, etc, while we waited for the bus. And we spent a fair amount of time just standing there. I've been hopping off when I see cars coming, but I don't think I need to. A car and the bus came today and he watched them carefully but didn't do anything.

Oh! I measured him, and he is now officially 15 hands. Maybe more, but I'm knocking off a bit due to long hooves and imprecise measurement. Just about the perfect height for me! I hope he's done growing taller.


Tracey said...

I think he's like Jet... funny how I can relate two of my horses to your two. Perhaps they're nothing at all alike, but from what I know of them, they seem similar.

I know what you mean about winter laziness! They promised it was supposed to be nice this afternoon and this weekend, but it's still raining and now I've missed two days with FC (my shoulder hurts...whimper, whine!)

Laura said...

You two were meant to be together. I am not surprised he was such a good boy. He Loves you so very much! Oh Yeah...I am so very jealous. I want to go riding.