Thursday, February 14, 2008

I finally got my boyo out today for some work and attention. We didn't ride, but I did take him for a little walk, which he thoroughly enjoyed. Then I groomed him really well and put some Cowboy Magic in his mane and braided it. Not sure I'll continue to do that, but I was thinking it'd be fun to have people ooh-ing and ahh-ing over his gorgeous mane at the events we go to this summer. I don't think his tail needs help. (On the level it just reaches the ground.)
Actually he already has a really nice mane too, but it could be even more nice. But is it worth the effort? Hmmm.

Halfway through the braids we went and met the school bus, which spewed forth two sugared-up, valentine bedecked children. Tonka thought this one smelled good. It also giggled a lot when snuffled about the ears.
Tonka says the braids are a goofy waste of time.

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