Monday, February 18, 2008

I tried to blog yesterday but Blogger had different ideas. After it interrupted my photo upload twice I gave up. So here are yesterdays pics a day late. My frosty morning horses:

Soxy was NOT happy about Tonka butting when she was getting attention.

"Get out of here!" she says. Tonka's not listening.

Check out his frosty ear hairs!

Yesterday we got the two stalls turned into one big foaling stall for Bella. I didn't take pictures.


Akyramoto said...

how do you like your horseguard fence? I'm seriously thinking about putting some up for a horse I'm getting. Do you use any of it for 'main' perimeter fencing?

I would love any feedback or suggestions on this fence.


Andrea said...

I absolutely ADORE my Horseguard fence. It simply can't hurt them. I've had them stick a leg through it about 3 times and it stretched a lot but didn't break, and left no mark on the horse. I have had one horse slide through/under it, and another time one went through in the night (I suspect the same horse, she was clumsy) through a spot that was a gate with the gate handles. Neither time was the horse or the fence hurt.

It's my only perimeter fence. The horse that slid under the bottom strand may have gotten out, I don't remember. If she did I caught her and put her back immediately. They simply don't come in contact with it on purpose. But you have to keep it electrified to keep that respect. I have one horse that will play with the fence when it's not on. Hence the leg through and stretching of the fence...

I only have the two strands, but for younger horses or stallions you'd want more. And if you were right on a highway you'd probably want more just to be safe.

I HIGHLY recommend it as the safest, best fencing for horses.