Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I'm back, yet again. Finally something interesting on the mustang front! Bella is not herself tonight, very crabby, not too interested in food. Bag is pretty much nonexistent. I went to take a look under her tail and it was far too easy to lift which is a good sign that those muscles are loosening in preparation for birth. Her vulva is pretty relaxed but not red, and there was some discharge dried up in her tail, but some was still slightly wet. Looked like blood. Small spot of white stuff, if I saw correctly before she pointed her butt at me and danced away. Her belly still sticks out far to either side, so with that and the lack of a bag I'm thinking she's probably either in the process of positioning the foal for birth or just having a bad night. If she's positioning I probably have a couple weeks to wait. Which would make the lack of a bag kind of worrisome... Hopefully it'll really start building soon.

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