Sunday, February 03, 2008

Tonka has been a lot more friendly and eager to visit these last few days. I wonder if his herd change has anything to do with that. He's definitely not top dog, Mack will move him off food, or chase him every now and then, but Mack has let him claim Soxy. Tonka's just so darn persistent, I think Mack finally decided it wasn't worth it. Anyway, he seems more like my sweet boy lately than the spoiled brat he'd been for a while. No thanks to my lack of work with him.

Bella and I had some nice quiet time today. She's such a sweetie. She didn't seem to mind when I wrapped myself around her with one arm over her back, an ear on her flank, and the other arm under her belly. I was hoping wee baby would be awake and maybe kick me in the ear. I don't know how he/she sleeps through all that gut noise, but baby was sleeping. Then when I was rubbing her, Bella pointed with her nose to an itchy spot on her side for me to scratch. I thought that was pretty cool! Then I squatted down in front of her for a rest (lots of work this morning, i won't bore you with it) and we exchanged some breath. Then I gazed into her big pretty eyes for a while. Then I found another good scritchy spot, then the trough was full and I had to go turn off the hose. And then, well, I used too many "thens" in my blog.

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Tracey said...

I love that spring is coming! I'm so dang blasted excited I can hardly contain myself.

BTW...I don't know how to say this (again) but I'm tagging you. It means you're loved. At least that's what I've come to tell myself, rofl! This one is new, though...the Bucket List!