Sunday, February 10, 2008

We got some good work done on the horse facilities today. Finally got the fence fixed, so Bella will have the big pasture to run in again starting tomorrow. By herself, unfortunately. It makes feeding her easier, not having to worry about anyone else eating her food. And she will have the other three horses just about 10 feet away in the other pasture. Probably an escaped neighbor horse visiting every now and then too. Their tracks are all over the place here.

We also worked on the stalls, covering the walls with OSB and cleaning poo out. I can now get to my poop pile with the wheelbarrow! And both wheelbarrows are functional again! Yay!

I have a flooding problem in the back half of one stall. We've had near-record snow levels, and it's been in the 40's the last few days, so now we have lots of water. I think what I'm going to do is put some sort of bedding down to raise the floor level, then put my rubber stall mats on top. I think I only have two, but that ought to cover the wet area. Then I can put down shavings or those stall dry pellets, then hay (instead of straw, because this hay is practically straw and we already have it). That ought to keep the wet bacteria from wicking up into the top layer of bedding. I'm not going to bed it like that until I think baby is coming though. Too much mess and waste.

Waiting for this baby is like a roller coaster. Some teeny little thing happens and I start thinking it'll only be a couple weeks now! Then nothing else happens... Her bag is still pretty nonexistent. Staying the same with just some puffiness.

I got a cool bucket bracket yesterday. It holds a flat-backed water bucket on the wall so the horse can't flip it around. Normally I am very anti-bucket because a trough is so much easier. But when the baby is here I don't want it falling in the trough. So I'll put a water bucket in the stall. Still have to get the bucket. I was going to borrow one from my sister since they cost something like $15 and I don't need one permanently. John said I should just go ahead and buy one though, and who am I to argue?

Oh! I got some great snow boots too! Keep my feet totally toasty warm and dry. I also got a pair of really nice wool blend socks. John says they're anti-sexy. They really are, with their red and black stripes at the top. Why can't logger socks have some style? Loggers might want to be sexy too. Eww... Bad, hairy mental picture. Not that I haven't met a few good-looking loggers. So if you're a logger, don't be offended. I was picturing more of an early 80's style logger, hair a bit too long, with food in his beard.

Sorry this was such a boring post. I lead a boring life a lot of days...

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