Sunday, March 16, 2008

At my 2:00 check Bella was sleeping. At 4:00 she was eating. When I went out to feed she was laying down and I thought, "It'd be great if she was just now having the baby, just in time for me to get out there." But she got up and was standing there waiting for some love when I got into the barn.

She was so sweet last night, really worried, but when I scratched her neck and loved on her (as opposed to poking and feeling around all her sensitive areas) she calmed down and really seemed to find the attention relaxing. Even came back to me for more. That's really an uplifting feeling, to be needed, especially in a time of stress. She's not a very demonstrative mare, so, you know, it's nice... I guess I'm not feeling very eloquent this morning.

I'm having sourdough pancakes for breakfast! Mmmm. So I better get going. Have a wonderful Sunday.

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