Saturday, March 29, 2008

I just got done with some nice zen butt scratching. Not my butt, you weirdo! Bella's! And her neck, and her chest, belly, and strangely enough, the insides of her back legs. She seemed to think maybe I'd be willing to hold her up while I scratched her there, but I had to refuse. She is so very itchy! Her hind end is very short-haired. Almost bald. Her neck and side have lots of fried-looking ruffled hair, breaking down from all the rubbing.

I better get to the point and get going, my family just walked in the door. Bella is dripping milk a bit again, and we have SERIOUS kicking in the croup. I haven't seen anything this violent yet. I think she's having contractions again too, she kept stopping eating to stand there and zone out and breathe. So maybe she'll have this critter sometime in this lifetime...

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